Frame Data up at!


Atleast partially…


yeah, they’ve got dhalsim’s RH slide as 11000 damage. If that were true, you know I’d be pimpin dhalsim.

Congrats on the data, now we can stop bugging you.


not to nag…but can i put in a request for rock frame data :smiley:


whatch ot for ryu data, on the commands box, you put forward twice, mixed it up for strong, and could you put the fierce commands under fierce and strong commands under etc?

but great stuff none the less, cant wait for snk side!
keep up the good work


If you guys want to request stuff, shouldn’t you be asking


is the frame advantage always the same on hit or block?


Yeah, there probably is a lot of typos…

But the far fierce is 6/12/15 for blanka
and c.forward is 5/6/11

I don’t have access to the web page, I just gave the a word file, so it will have to take a while to get changed.

And the frame advantage is usually the same for hit or block, where it is different, I put tiny line that said, “on hit”


Good job man. I’m keeping an eye on the site


Good job guys. Is it possible for you guys to add if the moves are cancellable and at what frames (ie: x/x/o).


Shen, will the frame data for specials be made available later on?


yeah all the other stuff might be added in the summer, I have exams soon and won’t have much time.


Ken’s overhead can’t be giving +5, i don’t remember that off of gunter’s site, if that is true, then he must be able to link a low forward super to follow it up… that has to be wrong. And I was just curious if the book lists the frame data on dashes and the such… not the pixel distance, but how many frames dashs take.


gamefaqs has a couple of good system faq’s that has what you’re looking for i’m pretty sure


Yeah, there is nothing close to dashes, mind you, I can’t read Japanese, I pretty much guessed most of it.

And Ken’s overhead is -5… Man, I made a lot of mistakes…


I fixed the typos on the web site mentioned in this thread, except for Ryu having 2 f-forwards. That is how the data was given to me.

As for requests, ie SNK side, specials, etc., let PLA know as he is supplying the site with the frame data.