Frame Data, Useless?


hey man julian robinson doesnt even know what a videogame frame is and he can beat you without combos, roll cancel, knowing your precious “frame data”, or any other useless tricks you have. i challenge you to challenge him in cvs2. bet something!


Must be useless, let’s ban it.

If you have friends who are good at the game, who can simply learn some combos from them. If you live in Alaska with no internet connection, you’ll likely be reading some frame data in order to figure out combos. You have to start somewhere, and that’s what the frame data is for.

I feel your friend hasn’t been introduced to Bison’s paint technique.


You lost to Julian’s Haohmaru again didn’t you? ahahahahaha…

(Josh knows more frame data about the game than I do just in case anybody is wondering)


Julian is unbeatable…


Julian Robinson > Bison’s paint

you dont know who youre talking about!!! hes the best on the east coast with C groove.


Julian has ice water where his blood should be. Bring all the paint buckets, RC gimmicks, or frame data tricks you want. I guarantee all of you scrubs that none of it will work against this guy.


justin wong is the best east coast cvs2 player


people with their teams listed in their sigs are always wrong. just keep listing teams and dont act like you know.


You don’t need frame data if you can get a lot of play experience or you hang with people who have that experiece. Practice more than compensates for frame data in most respects.

It’s just fun to see how your feel for the game matches up with the actuality of it, like how easy a combo is or how safe you think a blocked string is. It’s also fun to figure out what is technically possible without having to try it for yourself with brute force.

It’s the same idea with invincibility, collision boxes, and even the game engine. I like to know technical stuff like that not because I think it will put more power in my hands, but because I like to know the rules and why things happen without having to just accept it. It lets me get the most out of the game.

But yeah, I hate getting my ass kicked by people who don’t even know all that stuff that well, or don’t even use combos! I could never have fun playing without those things.


I beat JR in a CVS2 tournament, but i don’t do combos or paint the fence. JR is so Random i’m pretty sure he would give the japs problems. Not to mention JR has mad Guff.



I honestly have NO idea what the hell the frame data means. Well…i know what it MEANS, but i dont know who has what. Is it worth learning? I play online nearly every day of my life, is it even necessary?


i know about frame data, but I dont use it that often… I know stuff like with Blanka and Rolento that I have to have a counterhit if I want to link some long shit instead of the normal things… And I check frama data for chars Im playing once in a while, get amazed by Cammy’s which looks like a jab, and the +10 her s.fierce gives me, and just check what is good to use against people, what are good meates, stuff like that… I never checked frame data on how to link sagat’s c.short x2… damn you just learn that… I dont doubletap either… You just get it into your head, its like with Chun-li… her links are too easy if you have played her for a week fully committed