Frame Data wrong?

I’ve been looking at the Shoryuken wiki frame data page and studying T.Hawk’s page trying to figure out optimal tick setup’s etc.

I don’t believe that the frame data for his close standing strong punch being +4 on hit is accurate.

It’s possible to link two close strong attacks together with the start up of that move being 5 frames.

He can also link close strong into far strong which has a start up of 6 frames.

I’m no mathematical genius +4 -6 does not add up to a link in my book.

How innaccurate is this frame data? Is it simply someones best guess?

just watch out this frame website.

i think it’s always correct

Cheers, that looks much better :slight_smile:

I think eventhubs is even more accurate than that. Which sucks since it’s kind of annoying to get to each page.

Event Hubs was exactly the same as shoryuken wiki I think they were both based off an early wrong japanese translation? Anyone?

Close Strong is definitely +6. He can link a jab TB after, which what I use as my hit confirm.