Frame data

How do you figure out which of your moves will beat another characters whether it’s after you block theirs or in trades? I know Cody’s low forward beats bisons scissor kicks and I think rose’ soul spiral but why?

Also, which numbers do you look at in frame data to figure out which combos are 1 frame links? I know with Cody st. cl. Fierce>low strong is a one frame link and cl.strong>low fierce is as well but why?

  1. hit box and hurt box.
  2. In sfiv if it ends in +5 on hit and your next move has a 5 frame start up it’s a 1f link. If it’s +5 on hit and your next move has a 4 frame start up it’s a 2f link and so on.

So since cl.fierce is +6 on hit and low strong is 5 on start up its a 2 frame link? Even though it’s supposedly a 1 frame link?

it’s not a 1f link, it’s a 2f link. Cl. Mp, cr. Hp is a 1f link.

Yup you’re right. So is forward MP>cl.MP… I always thought HP>cr.MP was 1. Thanks a lot for the help

So if the second move’s start up is higher then the firsts hit on block then the link isn’t possible?

The recovery(on hit) is +6. That means you have 6 frames of advantage. If you use an attack that takes 6 frames to startup, it is a one frame link because the last startup frame and first active frame are the same.

yes, under normal circumstances that’s correct.

Correct, but since you’re asking about Cody it’s worth noting under which conditions you can link into a move that you couldn’t under normal conditions.

One condition is when you score a counter hit (CH). This gives you more you frame advantage, and allows you to perform combos like CH close st.HP, cr.hp.

Another way to perform a link like that is to ensure that the close st.hp hits sufficiently meaty. Close st.HP has 4 active frames. If it connects on the first active frame, the frame advantage is +6f. If it connects later than that, you theoretically get more frame advantage (eg. 2nd active frame = +7f, 3rd active frame = +8f, last active frame = +9f). I said “theoretically” because not all active frames of a move result in the same hit-stun. Hitting on the first active frame might give more hit-stun than hitting on the subsequent ones, so the effective frame advantage might not be the same. I’m not sure about Cody’s close st.hp though, so maybe someone else can shed some light (or preferably just test it yourself in training mode). Meaty attacks can also get the benefit of landing as counter-hits, which yield even more frame advantage.

The last way (that I know of) to link into moves that you can’t under normal conditions is to perform a trade option select, where your move gets interrupted by another that causes less hit stun than the recovery + remaining active frames. Eg. Cody’s close st.HP essentially has 13f + 3f effective recovery frames if it hits on the first active frame. If he trades with a crouch tech attempt (which typically causes 13f of hitstun), his recovery is essentially cut by 3f. If you buffer another move during the recovery of st.hp, it will come out after the trade and it will combo provided it’s quick enough.

Forgot that some normals can also be FADC’d to provide linking opportunities, eg. Ryu’s close FADC into Even though the link should work without FADC according to the frame data, reel caused by the first attack pushes the opponent out of range. FADCing it allows you to link another attack. Impractical though.