Frame Data

Sup guys, anyone got the complete frame data for adon? i just had a look at the srk-wiki-guide, but since the hk.jk is still listed as 140 dmg, maybe the frame data listed there might be incorrect too?

just wanted to look some things up, because after 2012 now finally dropped for PC i am still thinking what blockstrings / frametraps / hitconfirms i should use…
usually i end up doing the same ol’ stuff like, cr.lp. lk.rj or cr.lp, cr.lp, lk.rj but i wanted to look if things like cr.lp,, cr.lp, lk.rj are maybe possible as hitconfirm and not only as a frametrap…

kinda tired atm because i had a long working day, i hope i made some sense ;D

in short: anyone knows a hitconfirm which is also a decent frametrap, works on all (most) of the characters and is NOT cr.lp, cr.lp, lk.rj ? =)

best wishes to my fellow adons!

cr lp cl st mk cr lp lk rj is possible as a combo but almost useless because it’s a just frame and the risk is hight and the reward is too low for me, but you can replace the first cl pl by a cl lk if the opponent doesn’t guard low at wake up for some reason.

Some players and me think that now the start-up of the close mk is 5 frames now, which means forget the close hp as a frame trap.

Except the damage of hk jk, the srk frame data is good, I’m still wondering why the jk hk is -4 on guard, to me it’s the safest jk.