Frame Data

Yeah, I am lucky enough to have gotten my hands on the Japanese frame data book for this game. So, if anyone have any specific questions on it, feel free to ask.

If not, check in a few days. I will have most of the data posted there.

Vega(claw) normals.

jab (near and far and crouching) and crounching short all give +5 (his best)

standing jab and short are both 3 frame start up. Crouching jab and short are both 4 frame start ups.

Crouching strong is 4 frame start up and is cancelable.

Crouching Fierce gives -15 frame disadvantage, his worst.


One more…
Akuma specials

what would you like to know?

Invinicibility frames?

2 full body invin frames on both jab and strong dragons
16 on jab and 18 on strong lower body invinc frames after the full invinc frames. (I think it is lower, I can’t read Japanese…)

8 full body and 14 lower body invinicibility frames on fierce dragon punch.

Akuma is also entirely invincible during most of his teleport. He become vulnerable for the last 11 frames.

Hurricane kicks?

and that will be all i need.

none of the hurricane kicks have any invincibility frames, they all have a start up of 2 frames and recovery of 17 frames.

the intervals of frames break down 2/1/7/2/4/2/17
(this is the short version, it hits at the 1, then the 2s, for forward and roundhouse just add more 2/4s)
The short can hit at 3 parts, Forward can hit at 7 parts and roundhouse can hit a 9 parts.

Air hurrican has 5 frame start up and is 5/2/4/2/4/2/4…

Ok, thanks.

rolento c.short

edit: and bring that shit to the arcade this week, i want to look at it

Rolento c.short


400 damage and +1

It can be canceled.

guile normals and specials

hey, if you’re serious about putting up a data list on your site, I’d just like to say thanks in advance.

Once a good list is up somewhere, it’ll be a great resource for players. (glances at Good stuff

lol, ive already been working on a site for this for weeks, itll be ready by next sunday.

Reason why its taken so long is that we programmed ourselves a very advanced admin panel, so that all the information can be updated rather quickly by our large staff.

Pla, if you want to help with the site, message me at segaman2002 or, AIM and MSN respectively.

Guile has nothing good in ways of links… his best move is his low forward, which gives him +6, it should be able to link into any of his strongs… they all have 4 frame start up. The distance would be a factor.

Guile’s low jab also gives +5…

His flash kick give partial invincibility for the short and forward version, and 8 frames full invincibility on the roundhouse version.

low forward is +6 on block too? what about s.roundhouse hit and block? and actually i should have been more specific, i was looking more for the recovery frames of jab, strong and fierce sonic booms…

low forward is +6 on hit or block, sweep knockdowns on hit and +8 on block

all sonic booms have 13 frames warm up and 30 frames recovery.

s.roundhouse as in STANDING roundhouse :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, sorry, it was late

close standing rh 8/8/16 +0
far standing rh 15/6/14 +4
the upside down rh 15/6/17 +1

whats the frame data on kim’s qcb k move for all three kicks?

could you give me the frame data on:

sakura all normals + hurricane kick and fireball

blanka - all normals + electrcity

and ken all normals + funky kick.