Frame Trap Gaps


How many frames do you leave as a gap for frame traps? 1, 2 or 3? And also why, please give a detailed response.

Example. a normal that is +3 on block followed by a 4 frame start-up normal is a 1 frame gap (or is it 2 frame?).


That’s a 1 frame gap.

There’s no universal gap to go for when it comes to frame traps, all depends on the opponent’s habits during your block strings. If he’s mashing on fast buttons e.g Rog with crouching jabs, I leave as little of a gap as possible, e.g with Akuma a blocked followed by another immediately has a 2 frame gap (+2 on block, 4 frame normal) and since there’s no 2 frame normals in the game, the 2nd should counter hit Rog’s 3 frame jab before it gets active.

Then there’s the timing for techs, some people delay it by a bit while others delay techs by a lot, you’d use bigger gaps the later they tech.


You leave a large enough gap that your opponent will get hit by. If the opponent is mashing you tighten your gaps. If they are delaying their button presses you delay yours. Frame traps are all about figuring out your opponent’s timing.


Also, consider the fact that it’s not just about leaving frame-perfect gaps, it’s also about altering the timing of your attacks to catch player’s hitting buttons. So if your opponent is a fan of early teching, you time your frame traps earlier. If they late tech (which most good players do), then you delay the frame trap a bit longer to accommodate for their patterns.

1-frame gap is nice in theory, but it also requires that your opponent hit a button on that 1-frame, which is no easy task to guarantee. You also have to factor in how fast your opponent’s fastest attack is, and which attack they’ll most likely mash in-between your attack strings.