Frame Trap List/ Training Buddy Partners



I would like to compile a list of Frame traps that all Oni players can utilize in their game. Anyone want to help compile such a list with me and then we test them together. Also, I think we should incorporate a bit more of a training buddy system with fellow Oni players. Anyone agree?


if only there were more dedicated oni players online for pc i refuse to pay for xbl anymore.


If I had a pc to run that then I would play online with you as well. Well damn…However, I just feel like SRK forums are fading away slowly.


the scene is changing again instead now were all going to twitch streams and youtube more interactive mediums so to speak.
also i see more new blood and even old online warriors now going offline to learn from people in person. in a whole as always the FGC evolves in one way and devolves in an other. the best you can do is compile them and make a vid and hope it gets popularity.


I consider myself a technical Oni player and have the PP to boot (Play on PC). I would love to help you with this endeavor if you are still needing a training buddy or want to create that video.