Frame trap?

Can someone please explain to me what a frame trap is? I main Ken and Fei btw if this helps.

You put a small frame in your block string to “trap” someone that is mashing jab or throw or something.

Here’s an example with fei…

You knock down balrog, and do cr. LK, cr. LP, cr. LP. No holes here. Balrog can start blocking and then mash jab and he won’t get hit.

So instead you can do st. LP, close st. HP. The gap in the blockstring lets Balrog leave block stun, start up with the crouching jab, then he gets interrupted (COUNTER HIT).

Or another example(one I wouldn’t suggest using much, considering the cost is half of your meter)

Hit a crossup early enough where your opponent will be out of blockstun a little after you land or exactly when you land and shoryuken->FADC->Ultra

If you opponent was mashing anything out at the time you get a free ultra, if not you are completely safe…

I don’t really play this game though, just throwing out an ideashrugs

thanks for the answers guys. so is a frame traps main use is to get a counter hit?

Typically. This is common with some characters, like Cody. When he gets a CH f+mp, he can pretty much guarantee a free U2. Typically, you don’t want to put a gap larger than about 2 frames into your frame traps, simply because a lot of characters can spam c.lp, where c.lp is a 3 frame start-up. YMMV, though.

Do a move with +7 frame advantage then do a move with 8 frame start up. There will be a 1 frame gap in there. Nothing is that fast in the game(aside from things that are invincible on frame 1). If they push a button and something comes out in that 1 frame gap your 8 frame start up move will counter hit them.

That’s the frame trap concept.

To take the concept a step further, a frame trap is a tool that is used to allow the opponent to make a mistake. The fastest jabs in the game and throws both come out in 3 frames (jumps are airborne in 4 frames), so if you leave a 2 frame opening between your hits they will be trapped in jab/throw/jump startup – meaning they can’t block your next attack.

Example Fei Long: Cr. MP > Cr. MP … Cr. MP has 4 startup and is +2 on block. That means there is a 2 frame opening between when your opponent is allowed to act and when the next Cr. MP will hit them. If the opponent blocks the first Cr. MP there is not enough time in between for them to do anything to counter the next one coming (except for reversal uppercut and etc.).

Example Ken: Cr. MK xx Hadoken … Cr. MK has 13 frames of block stun and executes in 14 frames. If you cancel Cr. MK into Hadoken, you are canceling the recovery of Cr. MK into the startup of Hadoken. Since the Cr. MK puts the opponent in 13 frames of blockstun and Hadoken hits on the 14th frame or later, the opponent has 1 or more frames to make a mistake before the Hadoken hits them.

It’s possible to create frame traps specifically to beat reactions you might believe your opponent is going to make. The strongest frame traps can beat multiple options, but they can be escaped with the correct guesses. You will make better decisions on which frame traps to use if you understand what your frame traps beat and what beats your frame trap.

Example Fei Long:

Cl. MP xx MK Chicken Wing > HK Chicken Wing … On Hit, Cl. MP xx MK Chicken wing will combo, and you will be + 2 advantage. Your opponent might choose to throw after getting hit by MK Chicken wing because you are so close to them. HK Chicken Wing starts in 18 frames, but is invincible from frames 1-12, so if your opponent tried to throw after getting hit by MK Chicken Wing, their throw will whiff through your invincible or air borne frames. Since throws take so long to recover, they will be trapped in their throw recovery long enough for you to connect HK Chicken Wing and follow that with a combo.

MK Chicken Wing is -2 on block, so there is a 2 frame opening before you are invincible. Since you will be invincible on the 3rd frame, the same frame trap applies on block as applies on hit.

Example Ken: Cl. HK xx HK Hurricane Kick > HP Shoryuken … HK Hurrican Kick is -1 on hit. Ken ends up very close to his opponent, putting them in a situation where they need to decide to defend vs throw or block HP SRK. Ken’s HP SRK hits on frame 3 and has 4 frames of invincibility. That leaves 4 frames open for the opponent to make a mistake like throw, backdash, jump, or jab. If they choose any of those options, they will be hit by HP SRK. If Ken has 2 bars to FADC his SRK, then Ken is also safe if the opponent blocks. When the opponent is blocking, Ken can mix his offensive options up with throw or neutral jump, etc.

If Ken’s opponent is Ryu, Ken will also win if Ryu decides to reversal SRK. Ryu’s MP gives him 4 frames of invincibility, the same as Ken’s HP SRK. But since Ken is -1 on hit, if Ryu uses reversal that means Ryu will uppercut on the first possible frame. Since Ken will have to act 1 frame later than Ryu, Ryu’s invincibility will run out 1 frame earlier than Ken. Since Ken is still invincible on the 1 frame that Ryu is not invincible, Ryu will be trapped by his decision to reversal SRK and be hit by Ken’s SRK.

All that talk about startup and invincibility frames confuses me, how is someone able to think about all of that during a match?

You think about it before the match :wink:

You already know it during the match.

I usually just block until the attack is finished and look at the opponent’s distance to determine what I could counter with,

Frame traps are mainly used on offense. For defense blocking is usually the best bet, and low teching as late as possible.

Frame traps become stronger when you throw. If you’re not throwing, then there isn’t much to stop someone from just blocking until they feel safe enough to press a button or walk away. The most compelling reason for someone to do anything except block is to avoid a throw. So once the opponent has been thrown once or twice, it’s more likely that you can utilize a frame trap to score a hit while they’re pressing buttons to escape your throws.

I know, just venting some frustration about defense lol. I usually try to incorporate frame traps during block strings, works most of the time but against people who have really fast normals like chun and balrog, I have no clue how to apply it.