frame trap



So I came up with this FT (tho I don’t know if it’s a true FT) where I do a c.fp on block, then when the opponent tries to attack hit them with a FK. Has anyone tried this out?


Yeah…umm…that’s an online tactic. You’ll get punished real hard offline for trying something like that. It’s something that’s not really a frame trap at all. I highly suggest you learn frame data and recovery of your normals.


well it works 90% of the time even against good ppl


No offense dude, but “good” players will simply punish that c.hp. It’s super unsafe. Sure, it can be used to bop some people who are slower, but if you’re talking real frame traps, then try doing something like c.lp > walk forward a split second, then s.hp… or do c.lp into immediately. These are much safer than going for a flashkick and in general will help towards making your play a lot more solid.


Most of the time after ppl block my c.fp, they go for a normal to which I throw out a FK and it hits.


If people are unable to punish your cr.hp (on block) then there’s 1 of two things happening. 1) You’re playing people with slow reactions or 2) you’re playing against people with bad connections.


Yes, cr.hp on block and even on HIT is mad unsafe. It’s a horrible idea. Not to mention that you can’t possible walk up and do it as you won’t have charge so it’s not even really a frame trap.

Use walk up close-st.hp. If you don’t have the reactions to see if it counter-hit, press right after and you’ll be fairly safe. If you do have the reaction to see the counter-hit, use to follow up. Both of these will combo if you got the counter-hit.


Looking at frame data

cr. hp on block is -9

if your opponent has any reactions at all they’ll jab or throw you out of it. if your opponent is looking for it, you could even get an ultra to the face.