Frame Trapped 5

I searched for it and found nothing in the forums.

Mine is not running. No process running at all. I already restarted my pc and Im running every single program as an admin.

Make sure you’re at the latest (v0.9.2) and if you’re still having issues, send me a dxdiag output file to (fyi thats fangs toe sticking out of the yellow box over necallis crotch)

sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere, but is this really how the hitboxes work in this game or is this an issue with frame trapped? i feel like this is correct because headbutting fireballs with zangief at certain ranges feels off and i recall mysteriously whiffing in the corner.

So… this allows visible hit and hurt boxes even in online matches?

wow yeah just tested it in a casual match and it works. ken missed point blank srk’s on me while i was cornered. i whiffed a ton of crouching mk’s with him in the corner. this game is balls.

edit: i’m terrified to load this up versus a midscreen sim. they should make a mode for this program where it’s just the little “YOU” flag over where your hitbox is for comedic value.

This seems like it could get you banned? I have no idea, but would like some input on that aspect.

im no expert, but i think it runs over top of sf5 versus altering sf5 in some way which would probably make the game not run

Don’t give a shit. If this offers visible hitboxes during online play, then hardware = ps4 only. Fuck that easdymode shit, and congrats to the devs for ruining crossplay in the most aspy way possible.

remember, an extra body length in the corners. :wink:

wait this doesn’t happen on that front page video about frame trapped. wtf, am i altering this games hitboxes by playing in 21:9?

edit: sure enough this shit works right with transparent hitboxes and everything in 16:9. hey capcom, disable 21:9 k? your game still blows.

I cant change mine from “Hit Boxes Inactive” to active. Any advice?