Frame Traps and Dan



I’m having trouble coming up with frame traps and utilizing them whats a basic Frame Trap I can use. Lets get the ball rolling here ,Saikyo Style


is this a frame trap? j.HK, cr.LP, s.LK, cr.MK xx GDK


Close LK is +3 on block so it offers a lot of frame trap/ counter hit setups. Close MP and B+HK are both +2 on block. LK Knee blocked late in active frames opens up plenty frame trap opportunities.


thanks for the input. Im going to try working on new setups now that use Close LK, Close MP and B+HK instead of what Ive been doing now hopefully my game will increase a bit.


If you have a smart phone, download FA-Tool, it has a great frame trap-lister. Come up with a few small gap frame traps, medium, and large ones so you dont become predictable. 2-3 frames would be small, 4-6 would be medium, 7+ would be large.


Got the app, Im gonna see what I can work out. These frame traps are new territory I gotta make sure I do it right/ come up with something thats actaully a frame trap haha


That app is awesome.


My frame traps are weak