Frame traps/block string

hi my name is neil i am using cody in ssf4. i am trying to improve my game and i have been reading up on cody and people say he has great frames traps. i would like to know what frame traps are and how to do them and if possible create my own. thanks if you reply

Your best bet is to hit up the ‘Cody’ character section under the ‘Street Fighter IV’ part of these forums. You’ll find all the information you need there. My suggestion is to stick to tried and true frame traps before trying to create your own.

Frame traps are basically gaps in your attack string that allows your opponent to press a button. But before their attack is able to hit you, your follow-up attack will hit them first, which leads into combos. It’s a powerful offensive tool that leads to smart and safe ways to do damage, but it will lose to good reversal attacks, so you’ll need to learn when to do them and when to utilize other options.

Frame traps are based primarily on good-timing, spacing, and frame data of normal attacks.

thanks for the info. i will look at the sub forum

Any move that leaves you plus on block is good to start a frame trap. Any fast move is good for finishing one.