Frame traps- Cody



Can someone list and explain Cody’s frame traps? If it’s not too much to ask. I was about to switch to Adon until I saw he had a pony tail… so I wanna level up my Cody as much as I can. I keep hearing Cody has good frame traps and I although I know 1 definition of frame trap, James Chen recently confused me with his definition. HALP?


Well, let me explain it in short and then a bit longer.

Short: A frame trap is a set-up where two moves leave a small amount of frames in between them, where if an opponent presses a button or tries to crouch tech, that button/crouch tech will get beat by the second move Cody (I’ll say Cody since this is who we are talking about) uses creating a frame trap/counter hit combo.

Longer: Hopefully I explain everything well. I’m sure others could do it better. [details=Spoiler]Ultimately, frame traps lead to some really damaging combos in most cases. Frame traps are used to beat crouch techs, to beat those Balrogs who like to mash LP while you are pressuring, and even beat some mashed reversals.

Cody’s st. cl. MP, for example, is +4 on block. Now, let’s say I have my opponent knocked down and go for a st. cl. MP on wake up. I could follow up with a cr. HP which has a 7 frame start up. To do that math, 7f (start-up) - 4f (advantange on block) = 3 frame gap. If your opponent is using a 3 frame normal, you’ll likely trade depending on the hit box (if the pressed their 3 frame normal at the earliest possible frame out of block stun. If they did it during the 2nd or even 3rd frame of the gap, you’d frame trap them if I am not mistaken). If they use a 4 frame or greater normal, you’ll beat their attack, thus creating a counter-hit. Now, buffer cr. HP with ex rocks and you have a million options there as Cody. Obviously, if Ryu is mashing an EX SRK, he’ll eventually beat whatever you press, so in that case, you reversal bait, and punish.

Cody’s stomach blow (F+MP) is +1 on block, so if you followed it up with a cr. LK (3 frame start up) or cr. LP (4 frame start up) it would be a 2f and 3f gap respectively.

If your frame traps are getting beaten, use smaller frame traps (lol, its sad how obvious this is, because I had to be told it myself by ADN and otori). If Chun is mashing LK and hitting you with lightning legs during a 4 or 5 frame gap, you shouldn’t be doing that set-up.

One person times their button press/crouch tech different than the next person, so the timing of every frame trap won’t always work the same way. Some people I can do cr. LP > cr. HP right away, others I have to delay it, others I can’t do such a big gap. It all depends.

If you’re never landing any frame traps, you should be going for more throws. You have to set-up a throw game (IMO, you need to set it up before the CH game, especially in sets). People who know the game know Cody, and they aren’t going to start crouch teching or pressing buttons until you’ve thrown them a bunch of times. They’ll eat a throw over a 200-300 damage counter hit combo. Newer players don’t even know what crouch teching is. Throwing is a very important part of the frame trap/counter hit game.[/details]

It’d be very hard for anyone to list every frame trap, but commonly used ones are:

F+MP > cr. LP (3 frame gap)

cr. LP > st. MP (4 frame gap)

cr. LP > cr. LP > cr. HP (5 frame gap)

j. hk > (the slightest of delay) st. HP (not sure to be honest. I think it varies depending on the height at which the j. hk is pressed/hits).

Frame Data:


THank you for the reply Ramma. I expected you to be teh only reply funny enough. You did a wonderful job at explaining. One thing tho, my F+MP > cr. LP seems to be connecting, should I be delaying it or something? And any way to combo off st. MP? My combo for cr.LP seems to be cr. LPx2 Criminal uppercut, is that the best combo I can get off that?


Well, F+MP > cr. LP is an actual combo, but on block, it’s also a frame trap. So that is why it actually combos. Same goes for cl. st. MP > cr. HP (it’s a 1 frame link combo, but a decent CH set up as well. Learning those 1 frame links are important to maximize Cody’s damage. Still perfecting them myself). If you already have a successful combo, finish it. No reason to try to frame trap them lol :smiley:

Far st. MP or close st. MP? I think the only thing on far st. MP is cr. LK (1 frame link) if it isn’t a counter hit. As for cl. st. MP, you can do cr. HP (1 frame link), cr, LP or cr. LK as your go to follow ups. You can also do cl. st. MP > cr. MP, but sometimes Criminal Upper won’t fully connect depending on the spacing. So, I’d use st. MP > cr. MP when ending with an ex ruffian kick or LK ruffian kick (give yourself the hard knock down). cl. st. MP > cr. HK is possible as well. There’s a lot that can be done with close MP. Not a lot with far MP.

cr. LP > cr. LP xx Criminal Upper isn’t a bad combo. I think cr. LP > cr. LP > cr. LK xx Criminal Upper does the same or more damage, and it’s an easier hit confirm. You can also do cr. LP > cr. LP > cr. MP xx Criminal Upper (but again with the push back of cr. MP, CU might not fully connect if you’re not right in their grill. Tighter link, but again, a good lead in to a hard knock down).

Just an FYI that cr. LP and cr. LK can’t combo into LK Ruffian Kick 99.99% of the time because of it’s slow start-up. So, if you want to combo into it you have to use st. or cr. MP.


Lol that make sense. I was just hitting the target without block and so that silliness popped in my head, I r tarded. Gonna go practice all this now in training. Thanks again. 1 frame links sound hella annoying.


I shouldn’t say they are “a must”. Some really good Cody’s, like say lanopokaa, don’t go for 1 frame links like crazy (not in online replays anyway), nor does Sasaki all the time. Then you have Momochi that lives by 1 frame links (F+MP > st. MP > cr. HP xx CU may be the only combo he knows :D), and not by frame traps.

Still, getting those 2 framers and 1 framers down is important, especially if you want to make a cr. LK xx CU > FADC worth the meter.


They do give better damage and a lot of the time I lose because I’m not linking my combos and get punished. I do think it’s more important to use combos you can do consistently. I won’t try them online until I have them mastered or else I will be punished. I downloaded a bunch of recent videos from Momochi, Sasaki and a few randoms, will be studying that up. You’ve helped a ton, now I just gotta put a lot of time and work.