Frame Traps/Knee Shot Help?

I was playing AE at my local arcade just yesterday, and played Dee Jay (my new INCREDIBLE main) for about 4 hours straight. I tried some nifty things I read about in the forums.

i used -> cr.lp then cr.hp as a frame trap and it worked quite well on a rufus i played. It caught him in jump attempts and crouch techs

i was wondering if anyone had any efficient frame traps that they could really dig deep with? it’d be nice to snag those players who try to throw in something at the end of my blockstring.

ALSO…i’ve found COMPLETE success with the knee shot with Dee Jay lately. Especially since now us Dee Jay players can finally hold our charge as we knee shot. ALTHOUGH there is one problem i’ve encountered with knee shot. So, i found out the spacing needed for a good knee shot to hit a crouched and standing blocking opponent, but the thing is sometimes when i go for a knee shot i whiff over the opponent (cross up) and get grabbed. It happens pretty darn often. Should it happen again, would i have to neutral jump to prevent the grab? backdash? Also, do you guys use knee shot as a safe jump?

im currently following Da Knut, Hartify, spDeeJay, and Korikiba on the new replay channel feature. i noticed you guys do really well with knee shots and its spacing. id love to get some feedback from you guys.

There is no crazy spacing necessary for knee shot to hit crouching opponents. It’s the timing. Instant knee shots miss small and average characters.

I hope everyone is already using knee shot as a same jump or bait for wake up attacks.

I’m fairly certain that fwd throw xx dash xx knee shot (hold DB) will work as a safe-jump. Only works on reversals with more than 3 active frames.

yeah i figured so, i guess it just a personal issue with the whiff knee shot then im guessing. probably doing it to early and such. yeah i use knee shot as a safe jump such a useful move…thanks though Jcool. i know youre one of the OG’s around.

oh yeah, ive done that many times. works wonders thanks for the reply though. when you do it do you tend to land behind them? i think it screws their heads up more when it does cross up haha

Is that seriously all you need to safe jump knee shot? Do you know if you can get safe jumps off of untechable knockdowns? safe jump kneeshot or off of that would make vortex much stronger.

yeah you can safe jump after a, whiff cr.jab, is a 6 frame safejump+sagat/cammy/blanka

How do you mean “+sagat/cammy/blanka”? Like they reversal in faster than 6 frames but because of the reversal they do the safe jump still works? Or are they the only characters with reversals slow enough for that to work?

their wakeup time is a frame slower allowing the safe jump to work correctly.

1 frame slower for cammy/sagat, and 2 slower for Blanka so it ends up working like a 6 frame reversal because 5+1 and 4+2=6

edit: I’ll make a post with a bunch of safejumps sometime soon I guess. Deejay has some cool stuff.

Bumping this from the depths of the old SRK forum to the new SRK forum because I’m looking for frame traps and/or safe jumps.

Only pure frame trap in this topic seems to be “ -> cr.lp then cr.hp”

Is that “, cr.lp, cr.hp” or “, cr.lp walk forward cr.hp”?

Thats a horrible frametrap. c.hp is slow as fuck and you have to be point blank range for it to be special canceable. Even if you get a CH of it you cant really do anything afterwards.

Against late techers i use walk forward, then into if it hits.

Against jab/short mashers i just slightly delay any chains involving light attacks.

Against people who mash standtech any chains involving will do the job.

c.jab OS c.jab is my go to chain most of the time

HOLY CRAP…I posted this thing 2 years ago :smiley: No more DeeJay for me :[ But yea, cr.hp as a frame trap is not the greatest thing LOLOLOL silly me…but your go-to frame traps usually come from and delayed cr.lp strings just like Exploid mentioned. Back when I was playing DeeJay, Kurokiba would punish my horrible crouch teching habits in the past with small step He also did delayed cr.lp, st.lp., or which screwed me over big time :[ If you are looking for counter-hit setups, then you may just have to ask the OG Deejay players ROFL.