Frame Traps



sup guys, was hoping someone could post a list of adons frametraps so i can add them to my game, i dont know many so all would be helpful, thanks


He has a few, one could argue that cr.lp, cr.lp is a frame trap due to there being a 1f gap but I usually use a cr.light into the following…

…cls s.hp

I would say the safest one is the s.hp or But im sure others could suggest something better.


I see that cr.lp is +2 on block and the start up for close s.hp is 8 frames. Does that mean there is a 6 frame gap in between?


Yeah, its one of the reasons I have swapped to cls more. I find some people tech through it. Guess I should do the faster frame traps first and go from there.


5f gap. You need to subtract an additional 1f because the last frame of startup is also the first active frame.


ah thanks for correcting me. I should reiterate that my frame data is dodgy at best as im not sure on the 100% correct way of reading things heh.
As late I have been doing some other frame traps, although they dont tend to lead to big damage and are risky, they have helped me well against a few friends who just love to press buttons., c.lp,, far st.hp
c.lp, st.lp, (if you hit the st.lp I believe its a 1f link into the so you could even use this as a combo? not sure if its worth trying in a match though.I usually dont combo it online and always follow up with a hk.jk or mk.jk if I feel they wont srk. :stuck_out_tongue:
close st.lp, close (only seems to work on tall standing characters) mk/hk.jk. I am not sure this works on everyone, I havent landed it in a match but if done in training I used it on gief, Obviously it will likely lose to spd mashers and is probably unsafe as hell haha


people are always mashing out on my jab jabs.

So annoying ;__;


Welcome to the world of Street Fighter IV.


Bait n punish.


guys can u tell me a frametrap in AE (non2012)? i tried jumpin or whatever to cr.LP st.HP so freaking often now, but i always get thrown before the HP can come out o_O its really frustrating =( i know in 2012 i can use but what to do now until 2012 hits PC? i am clueless /:
thx in advance, fellow adon players!


well you can use close mk in vanilla AE however its just not as easy to use. Plenty of people used it before.
If you are getting thrown then they are stand teching leaving you a chance to frame trap with
You could also do a lk.iajk after a cr.lp which will blow up the tech and you should be okay to combo.
Better yet if they are consistently doing it just delay a lp follow up.(remember crlp crlp is a frame trap on block).

Other options could be close, as they are stand teching provided they dont get it frame perfect you should hit them and land with either 8 or 9frames from which to link (counter hit ofc and i cant remember if CH is +2 or +3…) meaning you can basically pick the follow up. Or just cancel into jk and ist safe either way, if you hit you combo, if they block you cancel the recovery.


it’s all about reading the opponent…if you see your opponent keeps trying to stand tech after your 1st cr lp then cancel it to HK JK for best damage and puts you in a perfect position for another jk pressure after. both st hp and st mk don’t work against standing tech…if your opponent keeps trying to mash out reversal after 1st cr lp, cancel it to ex JT or just sit and delay your tech throw to bait and punish…if you don’t want to get mashed out by reversals then you can do safe block strings starting with cl lp.


ok thanks guys, i will give it a try using delayed lp, and HK.jk, maybe lk.iAJK, but sadly i am not yet consistent on the height of the iAJK due to online lagg ;/ same with fuzzy guard into lk.JK, just not really possible to pull it off 100% of the time, you just have to be so damn fast! :wink:


fuzzy isnt that hard to do…it’s the safe jump that’s hard…it has to be the very last frame when they wake up or the jump in has to be deepest.


yeah I find safe jump into

fuzzy quite challenging online but it is possibly with practice :smiley:


Man just started messing around with adon and i think i finally found my secondary character after looking forever. He’s so much fun! I’m loving the fuzzy guard stuff and his frame trap throw game is pretty strong. Air jaguar kick is dirty as well. Very cool character, a nice change from ryu.


I’ve been using Adon for awhile now and I can’t help but wonder why **cl **isn’t the universally accepted frame trap. I actually first saw Gamerbee use this. First off, it forces stand, which means it can be hit confirmed into cr.lp then light rising jaguar. I’ve personally used it after a cr. lp and had it catch a crouch tech. The other options are just inconsistent/unreliable. cl s.hp is too slow to work after anything other than, cl is unsafe on block, and can’t continue with a hit confirm. As far as cl losing to standing techs…well most opponents won’t know that, and stand teching is a shot in the dark considering adon can just keep the block string going and beat out the tech with cr.lp. Don’t get me wrong, jaguar kicks are a great option against teching, but i wouldnt call it a frame trap. Also, iajk? Sure it could catch a stand tech, but jaguar kicks are the best and safest options against stand teching.


a well done iajk can catch a crouch tech. I do it offline all the time now.

The problem with only relying on cl is what do you do if the opponent late techs? just delay your input? why do that when close hp does all the same things. The only difference is, that its slower and is worse on block, but cl is only 0. It also does more damage and the link is just as easy I believe.

Also I think most people do only use cl as a universal frame trap.

Regarding personal use, I use it alot because I actually go for the cr.lp into cl link, if I land it and then go into a rj its a higher damage combo than 2 lights into rj :smiley:


I’ve caught crouch techs with iajk, but you cant combo into rj on a crouching opponent.
If someone late techs, I dont know if you can tell. For all I know, my opponent might have been blocking.
I hope people use cl as a universal frame trap, because it didnt seem that way when I read this thread.


Ah yes, good point on the whiffing on crouchers didnt think of that haha!
I almost always use it, only use st.hp if they always seem to block it alot and i cant throw them.
Tbh I think most of these threads are outdated, its a very inactive forum :smiley: