Frame traps?

I just saw the E. Honda frame trap on the front page and made me wonder if Viper had any good ones.

Can anyone suggest frame traps that they know of with Viper?

And how are frame traps discovered? Does it just require a bit of subtraction from frame data?

Thanks guys, and hopefully we can get some good inputs in for all of us to share! :slight_smile:

Theirs a couple of frame traps in the Q&A thread where someone asked for some.

A frame trap is where you leave at least 1+ frame gap in you blockstring allowing the opponent to press a button but not a big enough gap as to where their move becomes active, your second move should be active before theirs.

To find out how big of a gap your frame trap is you take the start-up of the second move and subtract the advantage on block of the 1st move and that equals how big of a gap you have. eg. Vipers ST.CL.LK is +3 on block and her CL.ST.MP has 5 frame start-up so 5-3=2, this means that your gap is 2 frames so any normal move that isn’t 2 frames is going to get counter hit if its pressed in between that gap. This is for normal moves only when you bring special moves into it it becomes a bit more complicated cause even if a move technically should get caught in the frame trap it may have properties that will allow it to escape the frame trap, eg Ryu’s MP.DP has 3 frame start up so technically it should get caught in the frame trap but it also has 4 frames of invulnerability which means you’ll get hit cause DP>Vipers MP.

Please ask any further questions in the question and answers thread instead of making a new thread, thank you :slight_smile: