Framedata for when moves can be buffered?

is there such a thing? like when Ken’s low forward begins to be bufferable into SA3, and when it ceases to be bufferable?

or are bufferable frames just the same as hit frames? for example, indicates that Ken’s c.FK has 7 frames startup, 4 frames to hit with and 17 frames recovery (right?). if bufferable frames = hitting frames, then Ken’s c.FK becomes bufferable on the 8th frame up until the 11th.

i’m basically hoping to figure out how much time (in frames) to hit confirm c.FK, and see whether or not i need to negative edge SA3 (or if i’m beyond help). i think it would be useful for other non-Ken players too.

does anyone know if there are japanese sites that have this kind of data?

i believe you’re confusing terms. you can always buffer. buffer just means doing the motion/command for a move while in the animation of a previous move. so you can buffer from the start to the finish of an animation.

what you’re trying to say is, what part of moves are cancellable. in this case, you are right in assuming that ‘bufferable’ frames are hit frames. recovery frames are just for recovery, they do not hit at all (regardless of animation), so obviously you cannot cancel from them (there are exceptions though, such as akuma’s raging demon).

The Japanese mook says Ken’s cr. FK has 12-13 cancellable frames, so you’d have roughly 9-10 frames to hit-confirm into SA3.

I don’t know if this is true or not but John Micheal told me that the japanese say it’s impossible to actually hit check the low foward.

I think that is incorrect. I hit check it but I mess up about 30% of the time and cancel anyway.