Framerate drops on PS3 and 360

for those who have the game, does the framerate drop when alot of things are happening on screen? Or when using certain assists like Dante’s Jam Session? But by far, the biggest drop for me is when I’m fighting the two Heralds at the final boss.

Anyone having this issue?

no FPS drops here

1st generation PS3 and 54" tv (EU version of the game)

The PS3 version has framerate drops, particularly when crazy shit happens. Its just something we have to deal with.

I see. I thought it was just me. You’d think with a game like this, Capcom would do some testing to make sure the game is holding up on both consoles.

Crap. Time to dual mod my TE stick once I get it repaired.

It does hold up on both consoles.

Is the game installed?

Is there any frame rate issues? If so, does install alleviate it? I have a slim ps3 and play on a sony bravia kdl-32l400 32 inch for reference so anyone that has similar setup can tell me about their experiences.

Yes, it is. In fact, you can’t play the game at all without intalling it on the PS3.

No framerate issues at any time while I’ve been playing.

Frame-rate drops here when I use Dante’s Jam Session assist

80GB Model PS3 here. No framerate issues at all, on any stage, with any characters, during any attacks.

For this thread to be useful at all you should mention the following:

Which PS3 ver you have.
Is the game NTSC or PAL
Exactly what triggers the slowdown.

I’ve heard from at least a couple sources now that the PS3 version will occasionally drop frames entirely. You won’t notice any slowdown; frames just get dropped altogether.

I’d really like some solid testing on it, though. Right now it’s just hearsay.

good gosh. uh well i have a 120GB slim. so…am i subject to it?

PS3 is 80 GB
Slowdown during certain assists like Jam Session and all of Trish assists. Also noticed that sometimes when Sentinel is on point, the game slows down when using any assist.

Where are guys in the game that you’re noticing this? Like is it training mode with inputs and data on the screen, online, offline versus, arcade, etc?

If this frame dropping and slowdown bullshit I’m hearing about in the PS3 version of MvC3 turns out to be true, I’m not even getting the goddamned game, anymore.

I was* this *close to getting a 360 again too, in order to have a larger field of competition.

But sod Capcom in its dirty, dirty shit-pipe with a red hot poker, if they can’t get it done right on both systems.

That’s just lazy crap.

As I see it.

woah, woah. Some of you act like this can’t be patched. I think frame issues are solvable.

I think another thing that should be asked is, is your copy pirated> Because there are known issues with pirated copies, like the 360 version not being able to play on Demon Village without the game crashing.