Framerate issues

I’m having lower fps in stages like space hangar, while stages like aensland castle and les vagas run at a smooth 60fps. I’ve been wondering if it’s a problem caused by my wii. Does anyone else have this problem or should I just grab another wii?

I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find any information about it

Well, obviously a stage like space hanger where’s there shit constantly going on in the background would cause more framerate hiccups than a stage like les vagas.

This is a normal thing in TvC. Burning Wasteland in particular has a pretty bad framerate (in fact it is banned in a lot of tournaments, but that may just be because it’s an eyesore).

Yep, this happens to me a lot. I’m glad it’s not just the pal version. I actually like it, it makes my karas combos easier.

Sorry for bringing up an old thread, but I’ve had frame-rate issues with the pal version of tvc uas. Certain stages constantly gave a frame-rate of below 60 fps so I was wondering if it that’s really the same with ntsc versions. Nowhere could I find info about frame-rate issues in tvc uas, all I google’d were reviews from American sites praising for its fluid frame-rate of 60fps, which is completely different from what I’ve experienced so far.

I had no choice but to try out the ntsc-u version myself, and boy was it astonishing. The game actually ran almost perfect on all stages, super moves may cause some minor slowdowns, but it’s really nothing compared to the slowdowns of the pal version.

I’ve also tried other people’s copies of the pal version, so clearly something went wrong with the pal port. Why did this happen and how? but that doesn’t really matter anymore since the game’s lost its hype. I just facepalm’d because I had to use drastic measures just to find out that something’s wrong with my version of the game.

The Orbital Ring stage does have a lot of frame-rate issues on it. So much so I personally feel it should be banned in tournament play. Besides that, I sometimes get slowdowns on the Mall stage, but not anywhere to the point that Orbital Ring experiences it. So yeah, stage specific frame-rate issues do exist in TvC.