Frames advantages for setups



I couldn’t find the numbers anywhere and suddenly got an answer in a old video (Vanilla or AE). So I’ll store those numbers here and feel free to correct me if they’re wrong.

- after SWEEP
Average : 45 fr

- after F. Throw
Average : 74 fr

- after Back Throw
Average : 34 fr

- after DF Throw
Average : 64 fr

For some character with different wakeup time, you have to add or subtract some frames.
those numbers may be wrong right now, don’t count on it yet till we figure it out in some days hopefully.


No one confirm or deny this yet ?
Sad panda :frowning:


I dont think too many people are using this forum anymore, nor can I help, since I’ve never really understood frames. I just know what feels quicker


its very specific to certain characters. Most of cast has about same wake up time. But about 4-8 have each different wake up frame data. Still good.