Frames and charging

Could anyone please tell me what’s the specific frame data for charge moves? As in, how long exactly do you have to hold a charge, and how many frames does it take before you lose it? I’ve looked around in the usual places but can’t find actual numbers for SFIV :s Thanks!

Different moves sometimes have different charge times. However 90% of the moves are 55F charge. Only a couple have shorter or longer times. I have no idea how quickly you lose the charge.

To my understanding, you have no more than 30 frames to input your button before you lose charge.

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Is that for Ultra’s/Supers or for specials? Because the time you have more time to do the former, since they have more inputs.

Re: Charge times, I’m pretty sure that stuff was in the frame data previously, but a lot of that more fiddly stuff was taken out when they moved to the new format.