Frames dropping on Ps4?

My friend got an early copy and we were grinding out some local matches last night and noticed that probably 3 matches had noticeable slow down or frames randomly dropping. Has anybody else experienced this?

jwong was complaining about it on stream last night, it for sure has frame drops on certain stages on ps4, I’m sure its just poor optimization and will be patched out though it wont be like the PS3 version of marvel’s lag that is just forever in the game.

In all the betas on PS4, there was frame drops all over in training while waiting for online matches. Sometimes it’d get crazy slow for extended amounts of time to where you couldn’t even practice combos. It’s pretty sad if characters or stages effect it, when you look at the stages and realize the polycount/texture quality seems at PS2 generation level. Especially factoring in that it’s a 1v1 fighting game and the backgrounds are not even fully 3D most likely, with no polygons or textures on the backsides of most the objects starting from mid to far background objects. Only the things in the main fight area need to be full 3D in general, for when the camera spins around from the central point.

It seems they are not at a good understanding of UE4. UE4 is still kind of new, and is getting updated really rapidly on all platforms, I really really hope they can every now and then update their version of UE4, because looking at the changelog for UE4, there’s tons of optimizations, fixes and performance boosts that are going on constantly. Please don’t let SFV be locked to version 4.6 or 4.7, or whatever they said the project was using, throughout it’s entire life cycle.

Theres a day 1 patch. Day 1 is tuesday.

Is that so, Lord Bison?

Everyone that’s playing the game now has the Day 1 patch already.

^This is correct. Guess it would need a Day 1 patch 2.0

That’s not correct at all. The day one patch is 1.02 (currently all ‘early’ access players are on 1.01) and it will be out on release day.

Okay thanks for that info, Ominus. You sound something like a reasonable man (hehehehehe)


PC Master Race.

Also, LOL @ Day 1 patch. Fucking “modern” gaming.

Why do you feel that way about day 1 patches? Out of curiosity.

Ok wait let’s be real.

It takes 3-6 months or so to manufacture and distribute discs, so the “gold” version of the game shipped a long time ago.

But we just had a beta…so even just to put in the beta4 changes, there’d have to be a day one patch. They’re just trying to extend the development time until right before the game is out, instead of just sitting on it for six months after the discs ship. Would you rather Capcom sit on their ass and send you the same game they had back then?

Now, if the Steam pre-download comes without the patch I’d be pretty pissed because with digital distribution you have no excuse, but on the disc versions it makes a hell of a lot of sense.

You can argue that it does make some companies take advantage of it, but usually that’s just the publishers trying to squeeze more out of the devs than is reasonable within their development time frame.

The fact that hardly any major games ship as a complete product anymore is basically what got me to quit console gaming altogether this gen. I value legacy, being able to pull old games off the shelf years down the line and get the experience I always did. (I have an NES that still sees occasional use, for example.) Between DLC and huge day-1 patches that are hosted on servers that won’t be around forever, that’s not really going to be feasible anymore. When I realized that my Sega CD library was going to outlive my 360’s XBLA library, I decided to switch to PC. If I’m going to deal with digital fuckery, then I’m going to do it on an open platform where that stuff is easier to circumvent when push comes to shove.

I wonder what excuses The Capcom Defence Force will use for SFV’s shortcomings after Tuesday.

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1 month actually.

It’s more noticeable in certain stages (e.g. Kanzaki estate). Aso they’re in 30fps as opposed to characters in 60fps.

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Huh, really? I guess things have gotten faster. Still, you’d need to patch in beta4.

What’s there to defend? Games launches, it’s got online, training and a story. Oh and that survival mode. Seems to have everything.