Frames when a normal can't be cancelled (?)


I would like to know during which frame phases a normal can be cancelled into a special.

Sometimes I will try to cancel a normal into a special move and nothing comes out even when I have perfect input showing in the training mode (on a normal that is cancellable). So I figure there are some frames where a cancel fails, because if the normal could be cancelled in the execution, active, and recovery periods, than I should get the special to come out with perfect input whether it happened to be a cancel or a link (if the input was after the recovery period).

An example would be seth and his close hard punch cancelled into a sonic boom (this sonic boom is qcf+p). If I try to cancel the close hard punch late than nothing comes out. I figure if I was late it would just try to link the special whether dan blocks in time or not. Unless there are dead frames that can’t be cancelled.

Can anyone help me out?


Just do the input when you see the move actually hits someone, anytime before or after that and you risk it not coming out. So if you need a visual aid, look for the spark of your normal connecting.

To be more specific, buffer the directional input, and then press punch/kick when you see the spark.


I don’t have a problem getting it to work most of the time. But I would like to understand the game mechanics. Is the reason that it doesn’t come out before or after because normals can only be cancelled during the active frame phases? And can not be cancelled during the recovery or execution phases?


Thats correct, a move in SSFIV can only be canceled during it’s active frames and only if it hits a target, blocking or not. In other capcom games they can be canceled even if the move whiffs, TVC for instance.


kara cancel is still a cancel but you’re not making contact. You’re actually canceling the move on start up.


Thanks guys.
Kara cancelling would appear to contradict the rule that moves can only be cancelled during the active frames and only if it hits a target. So does anyone know the ‘rules’ for what moves can be ‘do’ the kara cancelling and which moves can ‘be’ kara cancelled. Or are there just exceptions?


You can’t cancel out of a normal that you chain into, but you can cancel out of a normal that you link into.
Ken cant cr.LP cr.LP EX-Tatsu if he chains the LP’s, he has to link them.


As far as I know you can kara cancel anything, it’s just not useful all the time. Something like Ken’s kara throw is useful because the step kick moves you so far forward during startup, which is what gives it that “teleport” effect. You can kara throw off of a jab too, it just. . . doesn’t matter.

Same kind of thing with Sagat’s kara uppercut or Ken’s kara uppercuts in 3S.


Interesting that any move can be kara cancelled because not all normals can be cancelled the regular way. At least according to the eventhubs frame data.


Pretty much any move can be kara cancelled. This is just something they put in the game to make it more lenient. So instead of having to press lp+lk on the exact same frame it gives a frame (some say 3) of lenience. So pressing lp~lk would still give you a throw if you did it fast enough. The lp would start then immediately cancel into throw.