France is the best place to live says study

Britain has dropped to 25th place on a list of the best places in the world to live - behind countries such as the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Uruguay.

While France tops the poll for the fifth year running, the UK’s climate, crime rate, cost of living, congested roads and overcrowded cities have pushed it even further down from last year’s ranking at 20.

The Quality of Life Index, published by International Living magazine for the 30th year, says the French live life to the full, while Britons are over-worked.

In all, 194 countries are surveyed on nine criteria, including the cost of living, culture and leisure, environment, safety, culture and weather.

Australia is placed second after France, followed by Switzerland, Germany and New Zealand.

Even former communist countries where unemployment is still rife are considered better places to settle down in than Britain, with Lithuania and the Czech Republic coming in at 22nd and 24th place respectively.

Cars near high-rise flats in Vilnius, Lithuania: The Baltic state came in three places above Britain in the list

Ice skaters trek around the frozen Lake Nasijarvi in Tampere, southern Finland: The Scandinavian country came 18th in the list of best places in the world

Variety is also seen as a major factor in France’s appeal, with the survey noting: ‘Romantic Paris offers the best of everything, but services don’t fall away in Alsace’s wine villages, in wild and lovely Corsica, in lavender-scented Provence. Or in the Languedoc of the troubadors, bathed in Mediterranean sunlight.’

Britain does not top a single category in the survey, which is compiled using official government statistics, data from the World Health Organisation and the views of the magazine’s editors around the globe.

The U.S. fell from third to seventh place because of the economic crisis last year. A magazine spokesman said: ‘Sustaining the American Dream has escalated out of the reach of many.’

Germany is widely praised for its efficiency and leisure facilities, with the magazine noting that ‘the Harz Mountains now has a specialist hiking trail for nudists. Germany is arguably the world’s most naturist-friendly country’.

France? You have got to be kidding me. They’re racist as hell.

I loved the food in France. French breakfast pastries>>>>>>>>>>ALL. So top tier. French cooking shits on other countries cooking, FOR FREE, ALL DAY. I will admit that Greek food was definitely a close second.

Yeah I hear people teach their kids how to cook in France like it’s a basic necessity, like learning to tie your shoes.


I don’t understand how cooking isn’t a basic necessity? I feel deprived of cooking knowledge, and im ashamed :sad:

luckily my girlfriends an excellent cook :rofl:

but man does france have some good breakfast pasteries, made like how it’s supposed to be made. people from france that come to london and have pasteries must be spitting that shit out instinctively

Australia is 2nd? Have they ever seen what lives there?

Been there. I hate walking in the rain. And sometimes it’s cold and you have to walk in the rain.

fuck da french. their cuisine is overrated as hell. i’d put mexican food up against it all day. my mom can make a mole so complex a french chef couldn’t even begin to understand it. and everybody knows the best cook in a french kitchen is always a mexican. you know, i know it, french chefs know it, anthony bourdain knows it. stop frontin, france.

No asian countries? My asian wife will not be please…

that study is nonsense anways. australia and new zealand in the top 10? did they forget about the skin cancer and that everything there is out to kill you? they got dingos, microscopic killer jellyfish, funnel web spiders, kangaroos, alligators, stray boomerangs, all that shit out to kill you.

That is siggy material, Bear-man.

That list looks pretty odd to me. :coffee:

If they’re surveying the people living there, isn’t it more about national attitude? Some countries may just have more of an “we are great” way of thinking even though they’re not really that great, and vice versa.

If he’d said the best chinese cooks are mexican, he would have spoken the truth.

I know you’re somewhat just poking fun, but I need to clear a few things up here.

Skin cancer? Wear sunblock, and don’t go to the beach so much.

Dingos? Only if you live in the bush.
Irukandji, funnel webs? Fair enough.
Kangaroos? You have to either go hunting or not live in metro/suburbia to see them wild.

Alligators? We don’t have them here. We have crocodiles. There is a difference.

Just so you know, almost 70% of Australia’s population resides in our eight capital cities - you’re not going to be seeing wildlife or deadly snakes unless you go to the zoo.

BTW, almost none of this shit applies to New Zealand - just beware of young people with fleece growing out of their hair.

Pussy also needs to be on the list of judging criteria. Aussie girls give it and want it HARD.

Nah man, AUS/NZ is a great place to live. I’d gladly trade some dingos for the drug cartels in the US Southwest. Anybody who says otherwise is just hating. Agreed about the ladies too, lots of uninhibited girls in both places when I’ve visited.

AUS has the trouble with game censoring/ratings bullshit and NZ can be a little backwater sometimes.

Just proves that France is superior in all ways. :slight_smile:

I’m sure it’s a great place to live if you’re French.

lol, nice study

i had an old gf from NZ, and if shes what i should expect from AUS women im sold. they really do give it and want it hard, all the time. though we was teens, fucking that much now for every day, shit would be A bit too much.

either way, AUS is up there with a few other countries i wanna visit real bad, along with japan and brazil. though not quite up there with jpn and bra, at least for me.

I love everything there is about the French. They dress better than everyone else, they have the best food, they care about style, they have cheap wine, their woman are hot as hell. What more can I ask for.