[France-Paris] - Neo Legend - Arcade Shop [update : TE plexi]


As it is quite hard in France to find any kind of hardware related to Arcade Gaming, I found it interesting to present here a quite wonderful shop.

To Moderators, I hope this is the right place to put it, and that it’s not against the forum rules. I decided to post in the Tech section because everything dealing with customization, parts buying seems to be part of the section.
I have no personal advantage of talking of them, I only do it because I like the way they behave. My only idea is to give a hand to french players in need for advice, arcade cabinets, joysticks or fellow players.

First come the French version then the English version of my Topic.

*** FRANCAIS *****

***** ENGLISH*****

P.S : IMO,a link to this shop in the “intro,rules…” thread would be useful.

P.P.S : you can feel free to turn this thread into a France specific arcade gaming related thread, in which case I’ll update the title.

C’est bien de leur faire un peu de pub,
Par contre je ne savais pas qu’ils avaient dmnag.

Une adresse de passionns!

In English… a really nice shop with nice people.

update : disponibilit de plexi au format TE pour nle prix de 20?. Je crois que le produit n’est pas encore sur leur site mais il est dispo en boutique. Les contacter au pire.