France Stunfest Results

Hi everyone, the Stunfest is over since last week, that was huge, great and very fun!

Here are the complete results, all the finals have been recorded, i’ll post them to you when it will be ready!

We hope to see many of you next year!

results :

3.3 solo :

  1. BillyKane
  2. Pcheur
  3. KX
  4. Kilmor

3.3 team :

  1. Team Frionel, Scavs, Yamazaki 93
  2. Team Marcel, Pcheur, Akra
    3 draw: team VHD, SLS, CCL
    3draw : team BBoy Long, Kilmor, KX
    5draw : team BK, nyto, huang
    5draw : team Kaoh, Niabanh, Kendo
    5draw : team Maxence, Leo, MWA
    5draw : team Wal, Doucle b’or, Shizuma

Guilty gear slash :

  1. Baykou
  2. Ryukim
  3. Dream Maker
  4. K.B
    5 draw: Oro, Fallen Eye, Millia Camo

CVS 2 :

  1. Yamazaki 93
  2. IK rugal
  3. Lord DVD

kof 11 solo :

  1. 2pac
  2. Frionel
  3. Kenpashi
  4. Dooms

Kof 11 team :

  1. Dooms/Frio
  2. SLS/Kenpashi
  3. Sake/Hakim
  4. 2pac/piccolo san (forfait 3me place)

Kof 98 :

  1. Brahim
  2. Arlequin
  3. Tommy
  4. Red Scorpio


  1. Pharaon
  2. Mr Boost
  3. galit : Mamuut / Oro

HNK team :

  1. Oro / Neiji
  2. Frio / Razelle
  3. Kenpashi / SLS

Soul 3 :


soul 3 team :


VF5 :

  1. Hajin
  2. Okiron
    3 draw: Oro, Frandir

Tekken 5 DR :

  1. Jin the best
  2. Tsubasa
  3. Kuroro
  4. Serval

SS2X team :

  1. Yamazaki 93/CCL
  2. Professeur Jones/Chris Fighter
    3me drawFrio/scavs, Angel Killah/le loup


  1. Hookman
  2. Frionel
  3. Wonderboy
  4. Nono

Videos coming…

Lord Drama

ummmm WHo cares…peace

Don’t mind him, I’d like to see the videos whenever they are out.

Cool to see people getting back into KoF98, I’m just now going back to discover that game myself.

I’m also interested in all the finals footage once its out, especially the Garou footage. I’ll be waiting for it, thanks.


Semi Final : Lorddvd VS Ikrugal

Final : Ikrugal VS Yamzaki93

Street Fighter 3 solo

Kilmor VS CCL

Pecheur VS Kilmor

KX VS Pecheur

Billykane VS KX

Final : Pecheur VS Billykane

Street Fighter 3 team

Les loups / Pecheur / Akra VS VHD/ CCL / SLS

Kilmor / Bboylong / KX VS Frionel / Scavs / Yamazaki93

Final : Pecheur / Akra / Les loups VS Frionel / Scavs / Yamazaki93

KOF XI solo

Finale loser bracket Frionel Vs Kenpachi

Finale winner bracket Frionle VS 2Pac

Final Frionel VS 2Pac

KOF XI team

Final Dooms / Frionel VS Kenpachi / CCL

Hokuto no ken solo

1/2 Final winner bracket- Oro VS Pharaon

Final winner bracket Mamuut VS Pharaon

Final MrBoost VS Pharaon

Hokuto no ken team
Neiji / Oro VS Razelle / Frionel

Virtua Fighter 5

Soul Calibur 3 solo

Final winner bracket : Tsubasa VS malek

Final loser bracket : Alukard VS Malek

Final : Tsubasa VS Alukard

Soul Calibur 3 team

Final : Bardiel / HDR / Tsubasa VS Razelle/ Fase / Alukard

Guilty Gear Slash

1/2 final 01 - Baikou VS KB

1/2 final 02 - Ryukim VS DreamMaker

Final Baikou Vs Ryukim

Garou : Mark of the wolves

1/2 Final Frionel VS Nono

1/2 Final Wonderboy VS Hookman

Final Frionel VS Hookman

Good job Yamazaki! :tup: come to evo!!


I take it marvel2 is not big in France :sad:

Don’t know if he’ll go to evo this year, we’ll try to have some of you guys at the Stunfest 08, and some japanese too…good opportunity to confront best players at CVS2!

Sorry metrock, marvel2 is no longer played in France:sweat:, just as Street Zero 3 even if there is some small tournament on this game.

MvC2 died in Europe pretty quickly.


Garou : mark of the wolves, KOF XI solo and team and Guilty gear videos added.

Tekken 5DR and KOF98 videos may have been erased because no one find them now…:sad:

no marvel in france?

As far as i know, only America plays MvC2. No one else cares about it, its too broken and unbalanced. Here in England at our top arcade for fighters, your likely to see more people play MSH than MVC2.

Yamzaki93!!! :clap::clap::clap:


MSH > MVC2. :sweat:

A few “bonus” videos have been released on Youtube, check out this one which shows “off” footage of Stunfest 07:

wow stunfest looks like a great time. I’m somehow amazed at one thing: You guys organized all this in a parking lot?

Edit: Nice comeback from Billykane in the finals round 1

i’m liking the shmup love that i see in that vid

yep, we had a little “problem” with the original location so we had to find another one… At first the parking lot seemed a bit weird… but we managed to make it look better. Finally, the “underground” atmosphere in here was quite “in the mood” for hardcore gaming!

Still don’t know what we’ll get for next year edition…

I love the idea of the underground look.
I’m supposed to be in France next year around that time so I’ll check this out.