[FRANCE] World Game Cup 2K6 Full Details


The French Fighting Game Federation presents


February 15th-19th ? Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France

A little bit of history:

Over the past six years, versus fighting games have been speading in France thanks to leagues such as Console League and companies such as Games-Fed (which set up the PC French World Cyber Games). In 2003, coming from Paris, DTN won at Soulcalibur 2 during the Evolution in Los Angeles, thereby demonstrating the potential and credibility of French players on the world stage. Europe had to implement its own international competition, matching such events as the Evolution in the United States or the Tougeki in Japan and it all started with Soulcalibur 2 and the first World Game Cup in 2004. This tournament, which was hosted by Games-Fed in the prestigious Palais des Festivals in Cannes, attracted the best foreign players to meet the challenged proposed by the French team. In the end, the Americans got their revenge, winning the tournament and the 3000? in cash, by beating the French in a thrilling final match.
Two years later, the FFJC (French versus fighting video game federation), Games-Fed, R2J, Tougeki France and Console League are gathered to organize the ultimate versus fighting event?
The World Game Cup key figures:

· 2000m²
· Over 50 tournaments during 5 days
· More than a thousand competitive players expected from all over the globe (including Japan and the US).
· 5000 visitors
· 4 main stands, one for each tournament concept
· A giant screen and a stage for each finals

The 2006 Fan Festival:

The fee for the World Game Cup will also allow you to access the Fan Festival at will!

ü Mangas
ü Musical games
ü Nintendo League
ü PES tournaments
The future is now!
Also within the Palais des Festivals of Cannes, the World Game Cup 2K6 will take place during the Fan Festival. All these definitely make the Fan Festival the early 2006 video game and japanimation event not to miss.

The 2006 World Game Cup is the main tournament ever to take place in Europe. It is defined by four specific levels of competition :

Ø FFJC French Cup
Highly competitive tournaments on each one of the eight video games for which the official season is in progress: Soulcalibur 3, Tekken 5, Guilty Gear XX Reload, Super Street Fighter 2X, Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, Dead Or Alive 4, The King Of Fighters 2002 and Capcom VS SNK 2.
Ø International Open R2J
Worldwide team competitions with prizes in cash: Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, Guilty Gear XX Reload, Tekken 5, Soulcalibur 3 and Capcom VS SNK 2.
Ø Tougeki France
European qualifications for the Tougeki Super Battle Opera, the world most important versus fighting tournament, every year in Tokyo : Guilty Gear XX Slash, Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, The King Of Fighters XI and Street Fighter 3 Third Strike.
Ø CTPL Underground Tournaments
In addition to the official competition, a myriad of miscellaneous tournaments : Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3, Tenkaichi, All KOF Tournaments (94? to XI), Samurai Spirits Tenkai, Breakers Revenge, Street Fighter Zero 3, Vampire Savior and Mark Of The Wolves.

Each and everyone of these competitions are open to the public. Therefore, whatever your level or the video game you like the most, you will be able to go through an enjoyable experience.
Also, a specially designed stage will be the location for a thrilling versus fighting exhibition.

INFOS (plannings/accès/inscriptions)

World Game Cup 2K6 : www.ffjc.net
Fan Festival 2006 : www.fanfestival.fr
Contact press/partenariat : contact@ffjc.net

World Game Cup 2K6
February 15th-19th ? Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France

Opening time :
· 15th to 17th : 1pm-8pm
· 18th&19th : 10am-8pm

Where to sleep…

Just contact (by mail, fax or phone, they speak english) "Résidence CANNES VERRERIE"
6, rue de la Verrerie - 06150 Cannes La Bocca
Tel : 04 93 90 72 00 - Fax : 04 93 47 56 50 - Email : cnv@maeva.com

Tell them you come for the Cannes international festival and that you are players for the competition of GAMES FED, then , you will have VERY good prices :

STUDIO 4/5 pers. : 37 ? / nuit
2 Pièces 4/5 pers. : 42 ? / nuit
2 Pièces 6/7 pers. : 48 ? /nuit
3 pièces 7 pers. : 51 ? / nuit

This is a price per night and per flat, so, this is 37/5 = 7? for a night for instance etc.

The cheapest way to go to Cannes is by plane.

From a lot of locations in europe (paris, london, rome…) you can use easyjet : www.easyjet.com

So, if you come from USA, Japan or Canada, just fly to Paris and then, use easyjet.

Your final destination is NICE AIRPORT (1 hour from paris by train), a city which is 20minutes away from Cannes, you can take a bus (10?) at the airport and then just stop at the ?palais des festivals bus stop?..


You can register for all the tournaments on www.ffjc.net.

View Tournament shedule here :





Coordinator : F.F.J.C
Website: www.ffjc.net
Registration (price per tournament and per player):
· Level 4 tournaments (Wednesday and Thursday) : 3?
· French Cup tournaments (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) : 5?
· Cash and other prizes (consoles, video games, mangas?)
· National Pro Ranking season 1 points (further detail on that topic is available at the website)

GENERAL PRINCIPLES (Level 4 and French Cup tournaments)

Article 1:
The options (time, energy) are set on default. However, the number of winning rounds can be altered at the begining according to the specific rules of each tournament.
Each player picks a character at the start of the tournament and can only change it after the loss of a match (individual tournament).
Regarding team tournaments, there can not be twice the same character within the same team. The playing order may change before each match. It is forbidden to switch characters during a team tournament.

Article 2:
The choice of the side (1P or 2P) is the players to make. If both players can not find an agreement, the referee will proceed to a coin toss.

Article 3 :
Personalized paddle configurations such as « mapping/shortcut » (more than a function on a single key : K+P+S with the R key for instance) are strictly prohibited for every official competition. Nevertheless, standard configuration (one function per key) is authorized and must be proceeded to before the start of the match.
Each player being responsible for is own setup, a game can not be cancelled and started again due to setup considerations.

Article 4 :
Any pause, willingly or not, during a round will translate into a lost round.

Article 5:
The stage is randomly selected by the computer.

Article 6:
Registrations are for individuals : a player can not be replaced by another during the tournament.

Article 7:
Fair-play and sportsmanship are key to any successful event; therefore contestants are to respect each other.

Article 8:
Most tournaments are played under a system of groups with seeded players. Seeds are set using the National Pro Rankings.

Article 9:
It is strongly recommended to the players bring their own paddles, any paddle not specifically prohibited by National Pro Ranking rules (programmable paddles for instance) being authorized during the tournaments. If the players chose not to do so, they can borrow one during the competition, but the quality and the quantity of the paddles available is not guaranteed.
The consoles on which the tournaments are played are defined by rules set by the Federation, logistical considerations being left to the convenience of the organizing team.

Article 10:
In case a paddle ceases to work during a match, the player has to wait until the end of the round to be authorized to replace it by another one.

Article 11:
Entry fees are not refundable, except for specific cases that would be arbitrated by the staff.

Article 12:
Any violation of an article of the rules by a player will lead to the player being disqualified and banned from the tournament.
The staff is not responsible for any paddle or hardware that would be damaged, lost or stolen during the tournaments.

Pin Points Rules :

Guilty Gear XX #Reload (PS2)
Justice, Kliff ex, sp and gold mode are banned.

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike (PS2)
Gill is banned

Super Street Fighter 2 (ARCADE)
Gouki is banned.

Capcom VS SNK 2 (PS2)
Shin Gouki, God Rugal, Evil Ryu and Orochi Iori are banned as well as Ex Groove.


PAL VERSION (for both single and team tournaments)*
VC cancel are allowed
Mitsu?s 88BVC cancel is forbidden
Custums chars are forbidden
Bonus chars are forbidden
Button Mapping is banned.
Button Binding is allowed.
Abyss & Olcadan are forbidden
Stages : Random Select
First to 3 rounds
60 secondes

In the pal version, there is no VC bug on the Sestuka’s simple B+G throw and you cannot cancel the 66A+B move of xianghua

Players who do not wish to cahnge characters between matches can still ask to change the location of the fight in individual tournaments. If neither is required, pressing the retry option must be the next move.

R2J International Open Rules

Coordinator : R2J
Website: http://www.ffjc.net/forums/index.php?board=120.0
Entry fee (per tournament): 15?
Prizes: The team or player winning the finals of a tournament will receive 80% of the entry fees.

Entry rules :

Two players from a different origin or club (FFJC ranking) can team up for a team tournament.
Registrations are individual and personal; a player can not be replaced during a tournament.
Entry fees are not refundable, except for specific cases that would be arbitrated by the staff.
Registrations can be made either online or on site.
There is no limitation to the number of players participating in the tournament.


Standard FFJC rules (see above) apply (character choice and games set up) for all tournaments.


Coordinator : E.S.F
Website : www.tougeki.org
Entry fee (per tournament): 10?
Inspired by the existing rules of the Tougeki finals in Japan (reviewed, adapted and translated by Philippe Tanovan). These rules are also applicable to the European qualifying rounds.


ESF, backed by the F.F.J.C., presents the qualifications for the 2006 Tougeki, the official tournament on Sony Playsation 2, Naomi Gd Rom and Atomiswave. They will be played between January 18th and February 19th 2006.


All participants at the Tougeki qualifying tournament are to sign a discharge stipulating that they will participate in all the upcoming Tougeki rounds (e.g. that they will indeed go to Japan if they do win the qualifying tournament) and that they are financially able to meet the traveling and residing charges that result of that fact.


The King of fighters XI ?individual tournament?
Guilty Gear XX SLASH ?team tournament, 3vs3?
Street Fighter 3 third Strike ?team tournament, 3vs3?
Neo geo Battle Coliseum ?individual tournament?


Regarding team tournaments, each member of the team must enter the tournament. Any incomplete team the day of the tournament will be automatically disqualified.


General Principles
The competition is open to anyone, without any restriction based on age or sex.
It is possible to enter the tournament following each of these two methods: by registering online or by entering the competition directly on site.
Players will be registered when they arrive ; aliases cannot be altered once they are chosen, unless they are offensive or immoral in which case they will have to be changed. The same rule will apply to team names.
If a player from a qualified team is unable to participate, he(she) will not be compensated and his(her) team will have to compete without him(her).


A certificate, as well as a card for attending the national tournament will be delivered to the players qualified to go to Japan; they will also receive an envelope containing documents with practical guidelines for the players. The documents being in Japanese, Mr. Philippe Tanovan (Joe Higashi) will translate their contents with the players, as well as assist them with their stay in Japan and all the administrative tasks that they will have to go through.
The following documents will be delivered to the players qualified for the national tournament in Japan:

  1. An envelope with papers to fulfil and send to the Tougeki administrative office.
  2. The invitation for the Tougeki national tournament in May 2006.
  3. Players? pictures and IDs must be received by the Tougeki administration or the player for whom this will not be the case will be disqualified.
  4. If a player changes his/her address, he or she shall inform the Tougeki administration before the tournament starts.


Coordinator: C.T.P.L
Website : www.console-league.com
Etry fee (price per tournament): 5?
Prizes: prize-money and other gifts

Rules applicable to all tournaments

  • Shortcuts banned
  • Free key configuration
  • Arcade paddles allowed
  • Several winning matches
  • Only one character for the whole duration of a single tournament

Spécific rules for each game

« Tougeki» rules regarding character selection.

Characters et game types to be defined.

To be defined.

Every character allowed.

Every character allowed.

Every character allowed.

Royal Rumble (point-awarding groups) on each KOF from 94 to XI, with a free selection of characters.
The winning player will be the one with the most points, all tournaments combined, at the end of the day.

SOULCALIBUR 3 « pimp your character tournament » (PS2)
Customized and bonus characters only. Jury?s special award for customized characters. Shortcuts authorized.
Several winning games.

Every character allowed, ISM unique

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hi, it is soooo cool if you can come

if you want to contact me, use this adress : asenka@ffjc.net

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