Frank and Son's in City of Industry, CA?


Been messing with a Brawlstick for a while and I like it. But, I think it’s time to graduate to TE sticks. I’m trying to avoid buying a stick from an online dealer. Returns are always iffy and shipping is always a pain.

Anyway, I’ve been told that this place has a few dealers that sell TE sticks. Not only that, they sell them at really good prices. I’ve never been here before and I just wanted to get a heads up on the area if possible.

Can anyone here vouch? If there’s any vendors there that sell TE sticks, let alone for good prices. I’m a broke graduate student and if I can get around paying 150-160 for a working TE stick, I’ll go with it haha.


I bought one at Franks a while ago for 135. Around 2009. But they sell everything here game-related, sure they will have some. Just make sure to haggle. First price they offer is just to test the waters. Only when they are cussing you out and calling your mother vile things should you stop.


That sounds cool. Yeah, I’ve heard nothing but cool things about the place and I’ve been due to make a pilgrimage. Hopefully I can snag something for a stellar price.


only open on weds and saturdays. awesome place to go for everything.


If you into Magic the Gathering, they got a fuck load of vendors that sell those too. Sometimes they hold events there. I went to a Star Wars day and lots of people in costume.


I’ve been going there for more than a decade. Best place to buy comics and when Stan Lee makes a guest appearance it’s amazing.

Great place.

They have been hosting tourneys lately.


I used to play CCG’s until I realized how much money it was taking out of my wallet. Anyway, I remember hearing about this place time and time again. I just haven’t had much reason to go there since it’s a bit of a drive for me. Probably going to hit the place up before the end of the month. Hopefully I can snag a TE stick for cheap, fingers crossed.