Frank & Trish... Wasted Character Slots?

We saw in the silhouette when the 1st trailer dropped. She IS gonna be in the game. Officially said or not this is just a discussion…

Dont get me wrong! She is hot, but the fans really wanted Dante! Shouldnt she part of his special not a waste of a precious character slot?

***Sometimes I wonder if Capcom will ever make a Vs. Capcom game without needing to put Ryu or Chun Li in automatically?

Why cant they let other stars shine? Breath of Fire, Rival Schools, Power Stone, God-Hand, Okami, Bionic Commando, Zack and Wiki?

Why the does Next Gen always have to sacrifice just because people demand the best graphics!?

SIDE NOTE! PLEASE NO MORE FRANK WEST!!! We already have a zombie slayer in the game! (Frank is not that popular. He was only shoved in our faces alot)

If Arthur is in this game…over other ACTUAL fighters. I will take my preorder back and go on my friends radio show and DENOUNCE THIS GAME! I SWEAR I WILL!!!

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But not before I hit it!

Money. Capcom’s a business, but I’m sure you already knew that. If something in a game appeals to casual gamers, then more casual gamers would buy it, right? It’s a simple argument, but it sounds logical.

but i wouldn’t mind strider staying in the game over frank or arthur

oh no, say it aint so.

I think another issue is that they want to keep some of their characters well-known. That’s why they keep putting Ryu & Chun-Li in every game - because they feel that the more frequently gamers see those characters, the more comfortable they’ll be with them. Sort of like how Mario gets thrown into ever sports game by Nintendo. Capcom wants their own Mario.

precious character slots? What’s wrong with Trish or Arthur being in a fighting game?

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