Frank Welker to receive Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award!

This is pretty awesome . Voice actors usually dont get enough recognition in general.
if anyone deserves an award ,it’s him.

This should be in the Scooby Doo thread.

Frank DA GAWD Welker finally being recognized for his acheivements…

Hopefully this opens the doors for more VAs getting their just due.

But current VA’s in america are shit…

(Well, even though I don’t tend to watch Transformers, it’s good to see Mr. Welker get his due.)

Some other past VAs could be due to be honored though, especially for stuff that otherwise got awards. I also wouldn’t mind Jennifer Hale getting an award if we’re talking about current VAs that could possibly deserve one, even though a bunch of her roles tend to be the same archetype of character, i.e. bad-ass villainous woman.

Ed Boon.

now we need to get the dude who did starscream/cobra commander a noble prize

He’s been dead since 1994 unfortunately. :sad:

Guy definitely deserves it. Completely blew my mind when I found out he did the voice of Goro in the MK movie way back. One of the few contemporary english va’s that I believe can be spoken in the same sentence with the likes of Mel Blanc.

Clapping my hands but still sad that he’s dead.

Actually, he did Shao Khan’s voice (“You weak pathetic fools I’ve come for your souls” )

Kevin Michael Richardson did Goro’s voice.
He did Joker in “The Batman” (2004) and voices Shredder in the current Nickelodeon TMNT show and the black principal on American Dad.

I had to re look that up really quick and we kinda are both right. Kmr did the speaking voice and fw helped with the vocal effects…more than likely the growls and snarls and what not.

Good shit well deserved!

Don’t be so quick to celebrate him…

Everything Frank Welker has done, he has done ONLY for the future glory and conquest of the Decepticons!!


I was shocked by watching the video on how many characters he has done. Just the sheer volume was really impressive!

I didn’t know he voiced game boy in that Captain N cartoon till recently. The guy is what 70 and looks like 35.

Oh come on, get off his dick. Just because you’rea fan and think he looks young, don’t say dumb shit. If he was 35 that’d be one OLD looking 35 y.o. mf

But you just said dumb shit. Was just saying something too. Wasn’t trying to get on anything.

His voice was irritating.