Frank West DHC Glitch? (PS Vita)

Sorry for the bad recording, but this was random.
I’m currently figuring out the timing to get it to work. You must use Franks Bottoms Up move then, perform a combo, prolonging the combo long enough before Frank throws up, perform a hyper; DHC into another character, perform a crosscombo back into Frank. And if timed properly Frank will throw up in the air, thus stay there in the air. You cant perform moves, hypers or move, so its useless.
Note: Switching characters from Frank into assist will negate the Bottoms up effect, to make sure it works properly, perform any hyper with frank then DHC into another character, switch back to Frank and if he throws up, you did something right. Bottoms up, I think last for 9-10secs. Sorry for the bad explaining and vague details.