Frank West Level Up Strategies

Its about time we compiled all these strategies into one area. Ideally I would like to list each of the DHC options, THC options, hard tag setups, and assists that help Frank get at least one more picture throughout the thread. I will attempt to make a post for each one, and then ideally we can add in videos for each method along the way.

Frank’s Friends is a series about Frank’s individual synergy with another character. These are being completed and inserted into the post as links on the character’s name. Hopefully this can help answer some of the more basic questions with these pairings.

Before going into this list there are a few notes to make:
Hyper Combos:

  • WST is Whiffing Survival Techniques in order to DHC in and take a picture
  • BLS is Blue Light Special. This can only be done mid screen and the wall bounce must be intact. It also must be done at a height of around Frank’s shoulders at the start (airborne opponent). The usual follow up is S to jS and a picture.
  • FFC is Funny Face Crusher. This is in situations in which Frank is set up for a free FFC through a hard tag or a DHC and can therefore combo off the throw into a picture. Without an assist at level 3 Frank can generally do a minimum of 30 hits. Frank can also set up a DHC using FFC only in certain situations in order to get a follow up or a picture.

Hard Tags:

  • HTH is Hard Tag Hit in which the hard tag will hit. This generally requires very low HSD to continue the combo. Depending on height Frank is able to get a launcher or crouching or standing L.
  • HTW is Hard Tag Whiff in which the hard tag will whiff, but allow for a picture.
  • HTT is Hard Tag Whiff to THC. The timing on these are tight, but possible.

Special States:

  • CSL is Capture State Launch. This is activated by putting the opponent into a capture state and then performing a DHC. The opponent will spiral into the air and land in a hard knockdown state. Not only are the capture states listed on the move lists usable, but it seems that cinematic supers are as well (Survival Techniques for one).
  • DPS is Double Picture Super. These are done specifically as a DHC from Frank’s Survival Techniques into a raw tag to Frank, allowing for another picture.
  • BFU is Blue Light Special Follow Up. This is where Frank does his Blue Light Special Hyper and DHCs to the other character and they can set up a hard tag follow up.
  • TAG is Team Aerial Combo Glitch. This lets you do two TACs (whiffing one) to mess up people’s counters on it

Position Based:

  • MSO is mid screen only
  • CO is corner only
  • SS is side switch while preserving the wall bounce. This allows you to set up a super move that you can DHC into BLS from a corner
  • CR is crumple or dizzy. This allows you to get someone out of a corner or hard tag in

Compiled List of DHCs and Hard Tags:

DHC: Messatsu-Gouhadou Agyo DHC into BLS (Corner or mid screen)
DHC: Messatsu-Goshoryu DHC into BLS
SS: Demon Flip

DHC: Okami Shuffle DHC into WST
DHC: Vale of Mist DHC into BLS (leads to follows up such as launcher or even combo into Bottom’s Up)
HTT: jQCF+H to landing S (hits almost on the ground) to HTT
DPS: Vale of Mist
BFU: Vale of Mist to HTH

HTW: Heavenly Slash H (while in Gold Armor) into HTW
DPS: Golden Armor
BFU: Golden Armor to Heavenly Slash H into HTW
Hard Tag Combo

Captain America:
DHC: Charging Star DHC into BLS
DHC: Hyper Stars and Stripes DHC into BLS
HTH: Shield Slash into HTH
SS: Cartwheel
Hard Tag Combo

Chris Redfield:
DHC: Sweep Combo (second hit) DHC into WST
DHC: Sweep Combo (after magnum) DHC into WST (MSO)
DHC: Boulder Punch H to Sweep Combo DHC (whiff) into WST (MSO)
DHC: Ice grenade on standing opponent to WST
DHC: Grenade Launcher DHC into BLS immediately after the second grenade is shot
HTW: H Grenade into HTW

DHC: Kikosho DHC into BLS
DHC: Hoyokusen DHC into BLS
CR: Kikoanken

Crimson Viper:
DHC: Burst Time DHC into WST
DHC: Emergency Combination DHC into WST
DHC: Emergency Combination DHC into BLS
HTH: S to aerial EX Burn Kick to HTH
HTH: H Thunder Knuckle to aerial EX Burn Kick to HTH
CR: EX Thunder Knuckle
CR: Level 2/3 Focus Attack

DHC: Million Dollars DHC into WST
HTW: Sky Dance to HTW
HTW: Prop Shredder (aerial opponent) to TKed Acid Rain to hard tag
DPS: Devil Trigger
BFU: Devil Trigger (before Wall Bounce)
CSL: Grapple
CSL: Crazy Dance (MSO)
SS: Air Trick
SS: Sky Dance

DHC: Cuttin’ Time (1st through 4th hit) DHC into FFC
DHC: Cuttin’ Time (5th hit) DHC into BLS
DHC: Teleport Malfunction into Aerial Happy Happy Trigger to quick DHC into WST
DHC: Teleport Malfunction into Aerial Happy Happy Trigger to quick DHC into BLS
DHC: Happy Happy Trigger DHC into BLS
HTH: H Quick Work to Full Screen Teleport into HTH
HTH: Chimichangas!! to Full Screen Teleport or Mid Screen Teleport into HTH
CSL: Ninja Gift H (Bolo)
Hard Tag Combos

Doctor Strange:
DHC: Spell of Vishanti with level 2 or 3 Flames of the Faltine DHC into WST
HTW: Level 3 Flames of the Faltine to HTW
CR: Impact Palm

DHC: Chaotic Flame DHC into WST
DHC: Stalking Flare into WST
HTW: Stalking Flare into HTW
HTW: Liberation (1B2R) into HTW
HTW: Liberation (2B1R) into HTW
HTW: Dark Dimension into HTW
HTH: Liberation (2R) into HTH
HTH: Liberation (3R) into HTH
BFU: Stalking Flare into Meteors (has time to get one charge)
SS: Mass Change M
Hard Tag Combo

Dr. Doom:
DHC: Aerial Photon Array DHC into WST
DHC: Photon Array DHC into BLS (Airborne opponents)
SS: H Foot Dive
Hard Tag Combo

DHC: Dancing Flash DHC into BLS
HTH: Delta Kick into HTH
DPS: Kitty Helper
SS: Cat and Mouse

DHC: Dark Fire DHC into BLS
DHC: jdH to Dark Fire or Luminous Body DHC into BLS
HTW: Bon Voyage into HTW (from full screen)
HTH: Bon Voyage into HTH (CO) [Does not work on: Ammy, Doom, GR, Haggar, Hawkeye, Hulk, MODOK, Nemesis, PW, Sent, Thor, Tron, Wesker]
HTH: Bon Voyage (dash back twice) into Spitfire H into HTH (CO)
DPS: Luminous Body
BFU: Luminous Body
CSL: 2nd Bon Voyage
SS: Demon Missile M
SS: Devil’s Claw to cH to Bon Voyage (Does not work on Rocket Raccoon, Shuma, Spencer, Strange, and Zero) (Hard Tag Combo 2 is an example)
Hard Tag Combo
Hard Tag Combo 2

Ghost Rider:
DHC: Hellfire Maelstrom DHC into WST
DHC: Spirit of Vengeance (Normal End) DHC into BLS
DHC: Spirit of Vengeance (L End) DHC into WST
DHC: Spirit of Vengeance (L End) DHC into BLS
DHC: Spirit of Vengeance (M End) DHC into WST
DHC: Spirit of Vengeance (M End) DHC into BLS
DHC: Spirit of Vengeance (H End) DHC into WST
DHC: Spirit of Vengeance (S End) DHC into WST
DHC: Spirit of Vengeance (S End) DHC into BLS
CR: Penance Stare
SS: Chaos Bringer (Brings out of the corner, needs an assist)

DHC: Rapid Fire Fist (between second to last and final hit) DHC into WST
DHC: Rapid Fire Fist DHC into BLS
DHC: Flying Body Press DHC into WST
DHC: Flying Body Press DHC into BLS
HTW: Rapid Fire Fist (after last hit) into HTW
HTW: jdH into HTW
HTH: H Violent Axe into HTH
BFU: Rapid Fire Fist (must be raw or off a throw or knee drop)
CSL: Hoodlum Launcher L
SS: Wild Swing

DHC: Launcher into Kamikaze/Scatter Shot cancelled into Gimlet DHC into WST
DHC: Super Scatter Shot DHC into WST
HTW: F throw (CO)
CSL: Hunter/Net Arrow

DHC: Tenrai Ha DHC into WST
DHC: Chireitou (first hit) DHC into BLS
HTW: Chireitou into HTW (MSO)
DPS: Rimoukon
DPS: Chireitou (MSO)
SS: Forward Dash
SS: Senpu Bu
SS: Houten Geki

DHC: Gamma Crush DHC into WST (Initial Hit)
DHC: Gamma Crush DHC into WST (Explosion Hit)
DHC: Gamma Crush DHC into BLS (any rock hit before the explosion)
DHC: Gamma Quake (fist hits the ground) DHC into WST
DHC: Gamma Tornado into any super into WST
HTW: Anti-Air Gamma Charge into H followup into HTW
HTH: Anti-Air Gama Charge into M followup into HTH
SS: Gamma Tornado

Iron Fist:
DHC: Volcanic Roar DHC into BLS
HTW: Dragon’s Touch into HTW
CR: Dragon’s Touch

Iron Man:
DHC: Proton Cannon DHC into BLS
HTW: Iron Avenger into HTW
SS: Repulsor Blast

Jill Valentine:
DHC: Raven Spike DHC to WST
DHC: Machine Gun Spray (aerial opponent) DHC to BLS
HTW: M or H Knee drop to HTW
DPS: Mad Beast
SS: Feral Crouch forward dash

DHC: Magnetic Shockwave DHC into WST (MSO)
HTW: Gravity Squeeze into HTW
HTH: Hyper Grav into HTH
HTT: Airdash down sjS into HTT
CSL: Hyper Grav
SS: Hyper Grav (Pulls from corner)
SS: Fatal Attraction (Pulls from the corner)

DHC: Hyper Psionic Blaster DHC into WST (last hit only)
DHC: Hyper Psionic Blaster DHC into BLS
DHC: Killer Illumination DHC into WST
DHC: Killer Illumination DHC into BLS
DHC: Hyper Battering Ram DHC into BLS

DHC: Finishing Shower DHC into WST
DHC: Finishing Shower DHC into BLS
DHC: Shadow Servant DHC into BLS
DPS: Astral Vision

DHC: Bioweapon Assault (2 or 3 rocket) DHC into WST
DHC: Biohazard Rush (4th hit) DHC into WST
DHC: Biohazard Rush (5th hit) DHC into BLS
HTW: Tentacle Slam into HTW
HTH: Clothesline Rocket L into HTH
SS: Air Rocket Launcher (Pulls from corner)

DHC: Super Nova DHC into WST
DHC: Super Nova DHC into BLS
DHC: Human Rocket DHC into BLS
HTW: Air Throw
HTH: (Crumpled Character) Energy Javelin to HTH
HTH: Launch, sJHxxQCF+L (dash down) jH to HTH
HTH: M Gravametric Pulse (30%) into HTH
CR: Nova Strike H
Hard Tag Combo

DHC: Phoenix Rage DHC into WST
HTT: jS (Phoenix as low to the ground as possible)
DPS: Healing Field

Phoenix Wright:
DHC: Order in the Court DHC into WST
DHC: Steel Samurai Maya Smelting DHC into BLS
HTH: Break the Witness into HTH
HTW: Grounded objection dizzy cancelled into evidence into HTW
Note: Can grab any evidence in trial mode and throw away any evidence that does not hit the opponent when thrown to the tag; Trial mode: Can use vase evidence as long as the arcing beam misses, cannot use bad evidence.

Rocket Racoon:
DHC: Rock ‘n’ Roll DHC into WST
DHC: Mad Hopper DHC into BLS
HTW: Rocky Racoon into HTW
HTW: Net Trap into HTW
HTW: Oil Bomb Ground Explosion into HTW
HTH: Mad Hopper into HTH
HTH: Log Trap into HTH
DPS: Mad Hopper
BFU: Mad Hopper into HTH
SS: Tunnel Rat M
SS: Tunnel Rat H

DHC: Shin Tatsumaki Senpukyaku DHC into WST
DHC: Aerial (down) Shinku Hadoken DHC into BLS
DHC: (Shin) Tatsumaki Senpukyaku DHC into BLS
HTW: Shin Shoryuken into HTW
DPS: Hado Kakusei

DHC: Hyper Sentinel Force DHC into WST
DHC: Hard Drive DHC into WST
DHC: Hard Drive DHC into BLS
DHC: Plasma Storm DHC into BLS
HTW: H Human Catapult
HTT: M Human Catapult

DHC: Emerald Disaster DHC into WST
HTW: Emerald Impulse into HTW
HTW: Road Rage into HTW
CR: Heavy Strike (Dizzy)
CR: Clothesline
SS: Heavy Strike L (Pulls from corner)

Note: Mystic Stare allows for some interesting follow ups. Will be notated as (MS) in the following.
DHC: (MS) into Hyper Mystic Ray DHC into WST
DHC: Hyper Mystic Ray DHC into WST
DHC: (MS) to Hyper Mystic Ray DHC into BLS
HTW: (MS) into a hard knockdown move into HTW
Shuma TAC Combo Setups

DHC: Bionic Lancer DHC into WST
DHC: Bionic Lancer DHC into BLS
DHC: Bionic Maneuvers DHC into WST
DHC: Bionic Maneuvers DHC into BLS
HTH: Medium Wire Grapple ~ Zip Kick into HTH
HTH: Airborne Wire Grapple into HTH
HTW: H Wire Grapple into Reel in Punch into HTW
HTW: Jaw Breaker into HTW
BFU: Bionic Maneuvers into Air Wire Grapple H into Zip Line into Zip Line into H Wire Grapple into Reel in Punch to HTW

DHC: Maximum Spider DHC into WST
DHC: Ultimate Web Throw DHC into WST
DHC: Crawler Assault DHC into BLS
HTW: Web Throw into HTW
SS: Web Throw

DHC: Elemental Rage DHC into WST
DHC: Hail Storm DHC into WST
DHC: Hail Storm DHC into BLS
DHC: Lightning Storm DHC into BLS
SS: Foul Wind (Pulls from corner)

Strider Hiryu:
DHC: Legion DHC to WST
DHC: Legion (OTG opponents only) DHC to BLS
HTH: Gram H into Dipodal Saucer into HTH
DPS: Ouroboros
SS: Vajra M

Super Skrull:
DHC: Inferno DHC into WST
DHC: Skrull Torch DHC into BLS
HTH: Stone Smite into HTH
SS: Elastic Slam

DHC: Legion Arrows (Up) (OTG) DHC to WST
DHC: Aegis Counter (activated) DHC to WST
DHC: Aegis Counter (activated) DHC to BLS
SS: Shield Skills

DHC: Mighty Tornado DHC into WST
DHC: Mighty Thunder DHC into WST (MSO)
DHC: Mighty Punish DHC into FFC
HTW: M Mighty Smash into HTW
HTW: Forward ground throw into HTW
HTW: jS (opponent as high as possible)
HTH: Backwards ground throw into HTH
HTH: Mighty Punish
DPS: Mighty Punish

DHC: Round Harvest DHC into BLS
DHC: Aerial High Voltage DHC into BLS
DHC: High Voltage DHC into BLS
HTW: Round Harvest into HTW (works ground or air)
BFU: Round Harvest into HTW
CSL: Peekaboo

Tron Bonne:
DHC: Servbot Takeout (first hit) DHC into WST
DHC: Servbot Takeout DHC into BLS
HTW: Beacon Bomb (sets up for FFC on level 3+ Frank)
HTW: Aerial F throw into HTW
CSL: Beacon Bomb

DHC: Dimension Slash DHC into WST
DHC: Dimension Slash DHC into BLS
HTW: Lunar Phase into HTW
HTW: Round Trip into HTW
HTH: Stinger (Airborne opponent) to Round Trip to HTH
DPS: Devil Trigger
DPS: Spiral Swords
BFU: Devil Trigger into Lunar Phase into HTW
BFU: Spiral Swords into Lunar Phase into HTW
CR: Dark Angel
SS: Trick M
SS: Rapid Slash

Viewtiful Joe:
DHC: Aerial Desperado DHC into WST (must be high up)
DHC: Aerial Desperado DHC into BLS
DHC: Mach Speed DHC into BLS
HTT: Air Joe to low jS

DHC: Maximum Wesker DHC into WST
DHC: Maximum Wesker DHC into BLS
HTH: L Mustang Kick (CO)
HTH: H Mustang Kick
CR: Rhino Charge (Activated)
SS: Phantom Move L

DHC: Fatal Claw DHC into BLS
DHC: Berserker Barrage DHC into BLS
HTH: Divekick (aerial opponent) into HTH
HTH: H Berserker Slash into Berserker Charge into HTH (CO)
DPS: Berserker Charge
SS: Berserker Slash

DHC: Weapon X Prime into WST
DHC: Rage Trigger DHC into BLS
HTW: Decapitating Slice
DPS: Dirt Nap
SS: Decapitating Slice
SS: Mirage Feint M

DHC: Rekkoha DHC to BLS
HTW: (In Sougenmu) Delay air string ending in falling S to HTW
DPS: Sougenmu
SS: Hienkyaku
SS: Air Hienkyaku (M/H)
SS: Raikousen

Before going into this list there are a few notes to make:

Assist Types:

  • EGB is Extra Ground Bounce. This allows Frank to use his Tools of Survival H more than once for a relaunch. If not timed properly and used as a first ground bounce it may still negate a second ground bounce.

  • FGB is Forced Ground Bounce. These may be used after Frank’s own ground bounce for a second bounce.

  • WBA is Wall Bouncing Assist. These are great for extending combos, but need to be watched due to Frank’s own wall bounce moves such as ToSM and BLS

  • PFU is Picture Follow Up. These are generally able to have a picture as an OTG into the assist and still have a follow up. These sometimes include launcher, roundhouse kick, knee drop, Tools of Survival M or even another picture.

  • OTG is Off The Ground. These assists allow Frank to pick his enemies up off the ground to continue his combos.

  • ZTE is Zombie Toss Extension. Frank’s jump loops (1/2) and Tools L loops (4/5) are some of his most damaging combos and are an effective way to build number of hits and meter. These assists can allow Frank to link (on a standing opponent) for a sH into one of the above mentioned combos. These are extremely useful, damaging, and great at building levels. The timing may vary between a cM, the beginning of the sH, or the end of the sH depending on Frank’s level and the assist.

  • APP is Anti-Punish Picture. These assists keep the opponent from performing a neutral tech and punishing your snapshot. This is only listed if this is the only use for the assist, otherwise it will be implied.

  • NOT is Nothing.

Throw Pickups
Frank has difficulty picking up off his throws without assistance. These will notate if Frank can pick up off his throws. Frank’s aerial and grounded back throws have about the same amount of time that you can call an assist and act and are his slowest. Frank’s grounded forward throw is next, and the aerial front throw is the fastest. Frank can dash back while calling an assist off his forward throws and still have time to OTG the opponent which may be needed for spacing. These will be listed by the slowest throw that Frank can pick up off of and notated as such. Also FFC has about the same amount of recovery time on it as a forward throw.

  • ATP: All throws pickup
  • FTP: Front throws pickup
  • AFT: Aerial front throw only

Team Hyper Combos (THC):
All THCs will be assumed to be only the character listed and Frank performing the combo. If anything special other than a snapshot at the end is available or required it will be noted after THC. If the THC is of no use it will not be listed.

Now the list of THCs and Assists:

A/C: Messatsu-Gouhadou Agyo

A: Gohadoken (EGB)
B: Tatsumaki Zankukyaku (PFU) (EGB)
C: Hyakki Gojin (EGB) (PFU) (OTG)

Okami Shuffle

A: Solar Flare (NOT)
B: Cold Star (PFU) (EGB)
C: Bloom (NOT)

Goddess Bracelet

A: Heavenly Slash (EGB) (PFU)
B: Dagger Toss (EGB) (PFU)
C: Fire Bottle Toss (OTG)

Captain America:

A: Shield Slash (EGB) (PFU)
B: Stars & Stripes (EGB)
C: Charging Star (EGB)

Chris Redfield:
A: Sweep Combination
B/C: Grenade Launcher (CO, No bounce)

A: Combination Punch (PFU) (EGB)
B: Gunfire (PFU) (EGB)
C: Landmine (EGB) (OTG)

A/B: Kikosho
C: Hoyokusen

A: Kikoken (EGB)
B: Tenshokyaku (EGB)
C: Hyauretsukyaku (PFU) (EGB)

Crimson Viper:
A: Emergency Combination
B/C: Burst Time

A: Thunder Knuckle (EGB)
B: Seismic Hammer (PFU) (EGB) (OTG)
C: Burning Kick (EGB)

Million Dollars

A: Jam Session (EGB) (PFU) (ATP) (ZTE)
B: Crystal (OTG) (EGB)
C: Weasel Shot (EGB) (PFU)

Happy Happy Trigger

A: Quick Work (EGB) (PFU) (FTP) (ZTE)
B: Katana-Rama (FGB) (OTG) (PFU)
C: Trigger Happy (PFU)

C: Stalking Flare

A: Dark Hole (EGB) (PFU)
B: Purification (OTG) (EGB)
C: Liberation (Varies)

Dr. Doom:
C: Sphere Flame

A: Plasma Beam (EGB)
B: Hidden Missiles (PFU) (OTG) (EGB)
C: Molecular Shield (PFU) (EGB)

Dr. Strange:

A: Daggers of Denak (EGB)
B: Eye of Agamotto (EGB) (PFU)
C: Bolts of Balthakk (EGB)


A: Rolling Buckler ~ Rolling Slide (EGB)
B: Sand Splash (EGB) (OTG)
C: Cat Spike M (PFU)


A: Hell Spitfire (OTG) (PFU) (EGB)
B: Demon Missile M (EGB) (ZTE)
C: Demon Missile H (EGB) (ZTE)

Ghost Rider:
Hellfire Maelstrom

A: Chain of Rebuttal (PFU) (WBA) (EGB)
B: Heartless Spire (OTG) (EGB)
C: Hellfire (PFU) (OTG) (EGB)


A: Double Lariat (EGB) (PFU)
B: Violent Ax (EGB) (PFU)
C: Steel Pipe (PFU)


A: Greyhound (EGB)
B: Violent Fizz (OTG) (EGB)
C: Kamikaze (OTG) (EGB)


A: Senpu Bu (PFU) (EGB)
B: Henkyo Ki (EGB)
C: Anki Hou M (Varies)


C: Gamma Crush

A: Gamma Wave (OTG) (EGB)
B: Anti-Air Gamma Charge (EGB)
C: Gamma Charge (EGB)

Iron Fist:

A: Dragon’s Touch (PFU)
B: Crescent Hell (OTG)
C: Rising Fang (EGB) (PFU) (WBA)

Iron Man:
A/C: Proton Cannon
B: Angled Proton Cannon (CO)

A: Unibeam (EGB)
B: Repulsor Blast (EGB) (PFU)
C: Smart Bomb (OTG) (EGB)

Jill Valentine:
Machine Gun Spray

A: Flip Kick (PFU)
B: Arrow Kick (WBA) (PFU)
C: Somersault Kick (EGB)

Hyper Psionic Blaster

A: Barrier (NOT)
B: Balloon Bomb (OTG) (EGB)
C: Psionic Blast (EGB) (PFU)

B: Magnetic Tempest

A: Electromagnetic Disruptor (EGB)
B: Hyper Gravitation (EGB) (PFU) (ATP)
C: Force Field (NOT)

B/C: Finishing Shower

A: Shadow Blade (EGB)
B: Soul Fist (EGB)
C: Dark Harmonizer (NOT)

Bioweapon Assault

A: Clothesline Rocket (EGB) (PFU) (WBA)
B: Launcher Slam (PFU)
C: Rocket Launcher (APP)


A: Gravimetric Pulse (EGB)
B: Centurian Rush (PFU) (FGB)
C: Nova Strike (WBA) (EGB) (PFU)


A: TK Shot (EGB)
B: TK Overdrive (EGB)
C: TK Trap (APP)

Dark Phoenix:

A: TK Shot (EGB)
B: TK Overdrive (EGB)
C: TK Trap (WBA)

Phoenix Wright:

A: Paperwork (EGB)
B: Press the Witness (EGB) (PFU)
C: “Get 'em Missile!” (OTG)

Phoenix Wright (Turnabout):

A: Paperwork Storm (EGB)
B: Break the Witness (EGB) (PFU) (WBA)
C: “Get 'em Missile!” (OTG)

Rocket Racoon:
Rock ‘n’ Roll

A: Spitfire Twice (EGB) (PFU)
B: Claymore (EGB) (PFU)
C: Pendulum (WBA) (PFU)

A/C: Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku

A: Shoryuken (EGB)
B: Hadoken (EGB)
C: Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (PFU) (EGB)

A/B: Hyper Sentinel Force (must be mid screen and spaced and have used the wall bounce)

A: Sentinel Force (Charge) (EGB)
B: Sentinel Force (Bomb) (OTG) (EGB)
C: Rocket Punch (OTG) (EGB)


A: Torpedo (OTG)
B: Clothesline (EGB) (note: This will also crumple a standing opponent)
C: Somersault Kick (EGB)

A/B: Hyper Mystic Ray
C: Hyper Mystic Smash

A: Mystic Ray (OTG) (EGB)
B: Mystic Stare (PFU) (EGB)
C: Mystic Smash (PFU) (EGB)


A: Wire Grapple (Horizontal) (PFU) (EGB)
B: Wire Grapple (Slant) (PFU) (EGB)
C: Armor Piercer (WBA) (EGB) (PFU)

Crawler Assault

A: Web Ball (EGB) (PFU)
B: Web Swing (EGB)
C: Spider Sting (EGB)


A: Whirlwind (EGB) (PFU)
B: Double Typhoon (OTG)
C: Lightning Attack (EGB)

Strider Hiryu:

A: Ame-no-Murakumo (PFU)
B: Gram (EGB) (WBA) (PFU)
C: Vajra (PFU)

Super Skrull:
A/B: Inferno

A: Stone Smite (PFU) (OTG) (WBA)
B: Orbital Grudge (EGB) (PFU)
C: Tenderizer (PFU) (EGB)

A: Legion Arrow (Horizontal)
B: Legion Arrow (Parabolic)
C: Legion Arrow (Vertical)

A: Aim Master (Horizontal) (EGB) (PFU)
B: Aim Master (Parabolic) (EGB)
C: Aim Master (Vertical) (OTG)

B/C: Mighty Tornado

A: Mighty Spark (EGB) (PFU)
B: Mighty Smash (PFU)
C: Mighty Strike (EGB)

A/B: Round Harvest
C: Maximum Voltage

A: Hopscotch (EGB)
B: Peekaboo (ATP)
C: Low Voltage (EGB)

Tron Bonne:
King Servbot

A: Bonne Strike (EGB)
B: Gustaff Fire (EGB) (PFU)
C: Bandit Boulder (EGB) (PFU)

Dimension Slash

A: Judgement Cut (EGB)
B: Rising Sun (EGB)
C: Rapid Slash (EGB) (PFU)

Viewtiful Joe:
B: Mach Speed

A: Voomerang (EGB)
B: Groovy Uppercut (EGB)
C: Shocking Pink (OTG) (EGB)

Phantom Dance

A: Ghost Butterfly (WBA) (PFU)
B: Samurai Edge (OTG) (EGB) (PFU)
C: Jaguar Dash (PFU) (EGB)


A: Tornado Claw (EGB)
B: Berserker Slash (EGB)
C: Berserker Barrage (EGB)


A: Neck Slice (EGB)
B: Ankle Slice (EGB) (OTG)
C: Crescent Scythe (EGB)


A: Ryuenjin (EGB)
B: Hadangeki (EGB)
C: Shippuga (EGB)

Misc things:

Frank TAC Infinite:

TACs can be done by all characters and can generally gain Frank 19 hits onto the combo. (TAC hits) MHxxQCF+L MxxQCF+L MxxQCF+L S (land) QCF+S.

The magic number for any combo with a one hit assist is 23 hits and then the camera and assist. This allows Frank to get 23 then camera(24)+assist(25)+camera(26) totaling 50 EXP.

Slow moving projectile assists can also be used to support the shopping cart setups as shown her at 2:47:

Frank can also use his own Hammer Throw zombies to do this too with a bit of help, seen here:

DukeofFortune Man
Blue Lightning

Remember, this list will likely never be 100% complete, but its hopefully there to assist in team making and combo making.

Phoenix Wright Assist Stuff

THC- Nothing I can figure out.

Paperwork- Nothing I’ve got.
Press the Witness- extends after a Picture, I THINK you can get a second one.
Get 'em, Missile!- OTGs

Paperwork Storm- Again, nothing.
Break the Witness- extends after picture, and you can get another shot after the wall bounce, plus it has around 10 hits. If the combo isn’t too scaled, you can land a ST. Even if you’ve already used a wallbounce, I think you can land another snapshot.
Get 'em Missile- Stays the same in Turnabout Mode

Yeah, also any ground bounce that is also a hard knockdown, if Frank won’t hit them with his raw tag, he can take a pic. Depending on the ground bounce and how low it’s performed, he’ll probably be able to catch them with a specific assist and get another pic (Haggar has both the knockdown move and assist, and Lunar Phase has been done to death to prove the point).

How does one achieve an extra ground bounce?

Depends primarily on the assist. Some assists are forced ground bounces and can therefore be used second (Nova Centurion Rush for example) while the others its best to do so with a meaty assist in order to negate the “bounce”. Frank’s ToSH acts as it OTGs and then bounces so if something can hit in between those two it adds to your bounces.


You will notice that I used three ground bounces in this combo. Firebrand’s charge and Iron Man’s Repusor Blast have meaty hitboxes which allow them to perform that hit I was talking about. Anything above with a (EGB) on it should work similarly, just takes some testing with your own team.

Why wouldn’t you just use a camera or roundhouse kick then?

Less damage, longer recovery time.

Snapshot does 10,000
Roundhouse Kick does 70,000
Tools H does 80,000, 100,000, or 150,000 for 1/2, 3, 4/5 respectively

Frame data:
Snapshot has 31 frames of recovery
Roundhouse kick has 32 frames of recovery
Jumping Tools H has a whopping 1 frame (I think) as it lands and instantly cancels.

Yeah, it does a crapton of damage extra to the combo, and ground-bounce cancelling the j.QCF+H works with about 50% of the assists in the game, relaunching off of camera maybe has 1/10th that amount. Midscreen relaunches are also way easy with a lot of assists, I find that my ground bounce either is used to confirm or doesn’t get used until way late in the combo. And you get to pick really fun assists for Frank because you can ground bounce cancel with so much stuff. Jam Session and Drones come to mind. I run Rapid slash and Shield Slash, though Trish Lightning, Cold Star, and Orbital Grudge are some other assists I like for Frank extension and pressure.


Thought some people might find this interesting. Anything you think I could improve in this setup? (aside from using nova’s assist for the groundbounce but I didn’t use it on purpose as everytime I’ll have to resort to this setup to level Frank up, nova is dead.)

Depending on your other assist, most likely Nova’s overhead, you can always picture, assist, knockdown, and another picture, instead of the booze, but that setup is pretty sick already. I like it.

yeah I know that but it’s like I said, every match where I have to resort to this setup means nova is dead already, so it’s not an option for me.

What is the follow up after the BLS?

Launcher, j.H, kneedrop xx bottoms up, snapshot. You have to cancel kneedrop’s recovery into bottoms up and input snapshot JUST as frank’s camera sparkles or the opponent will recover before you level up.

You can dash back after BLS to keep the opponent in the corner but against specific characters (Wesker, Haggar and Hulk though there might be more), everytime I specifically dash left, Frank will dash right instead, probably some bug because of the opponent’s position? I have no idea but that’s why I didn’t do it in the video.

Snapbacks. I find my Frank teams are usually put pretty out of whack if my order is prematurely swapped (I actually ran that team for a while, but my Nova is shitty), and Nova loves cold star, people might be itching for an Ammy switch-in on occasion.

I wish I thought of that one, though. I usually just TAC’ed like a scrub, heh.

Wait, are you telling me that Frank can use Bottoms up mid combo?

Well ok, if people do snap my ammy in, then I’ll be able to use nova’s assist :stuck_out_tongue: but the thing is, ammy is by far the weakest link on my team so people are a lot more worried about killing my nova so they get rid of one problem right away. Sure, one combo with level 1 frank will grant me level 5 anyway because of THC with Shuffle but still, rare thing. People will usually just finish my nova.

Yeah, it’s in the video I posted a couple of posts above yours. Vale of Mist’s slow allows Frank to bottoms-up after kneedrop’s hard knockdown and still take a picture.

I love you. Whoop whoop, Jill can now get Frank to 5 instead of 4.
EDIT: Damn, counted by chickens before they hatched, I thought you meant assistless =(. Good stuff anyway.

Check my edit, it’s only because of VoM’s slow that you can bottoms-up and still have time to snapshot. Not sure about how jill can do it.