Frank West Meterless Lvl 5 combo from TAC (both assists used) + ToD



This is an effective combo to get frank west to level 5 without using any meter at all in the process.
The combo uses a Team Aerial Combo off of a basic Nova corner BnB, leading to Frank spiking the opponent and using two assists (Nova’s Centurion Rush and Spencer’s Grapple H Shot) and three snapshots to achieve the level 5.

This works on all characters.

After the level 5 was achieved I used some supers to add extra damage and show that starting with one meter, you can Touch of Death on any character except from Thor. I’m not sure but Spencer’s Bionic Manoeuvres could get the extra 50k damage you need to kill Thor, I didn’t test this :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll edit the post to check later.

EDIT: Yes, you can cancel Nova’s Nova Force into Bionic Manoeuvres to get the extra 50k you need. Bionic Manoeuvres does a good amount of damage even with max scaling.

Upwards or downwards TAC’s will allow this combo to work. I am looking to find a sideways TAC version soon.

Here is the video:


You’d have to do a gravimetric blaster instead of Nova force to be able to DHC into maneuvers. Unless there’s a large difference between the minimum damage scaling of blaster/force, it’d probably be enough to kill thor.


And this is with Nova with red health, right? I’m hoping to look for a solution without using red health too, I think there’s an oppertunity to DHC into Manoeuvres by DHCing before Nova Force finishes to stop the Strike at the final hit.

Edit: Just tested, DHCing Nova Force early works fine. Bionic Manoeuvres does incredible damage so it more than makes up for the lost hits. Managed 1.28m with grapple followup finisher.


It’s situational though; you can’t delay the nova force DHC at all because you need to cancel it early in order to maintain the hard knockdown/not let them get so high in the air. If you have to nova force higher in the air for any reason (such as finishing an air combo) you won’t be able to DHC into that or Lancer. Blaster however always knocks down and always makes a DHC into either possible.


Even so blaster’s also situational as you can be higher in the air. With no red health blaster isn’t soft knockdown.


What are the notations for this?