Frank West: TvC-UMvC3

Frank West is my absolute favorite Capcom character. I’ve been rallying for him since before vanilla was released (I was furious about his exclusion). When it was confirmed Frank wasn’t making the cut, Sven mentioned that when MvC3 was first announced, Capcom was getting bombarded with requests to leave Frank out of the game. A lot of TvC players weren’t interested in seeing Frank West’s TvC self adapted to the new Marvel game.

Now that UMvC3 is released and Frank West has become incredibly popular, I wanna know what these pre-MvC3 Frank haters think of the character. Clearly, they were worried that his play style wouldn’t adapt well and he’d be a horrible addition. However, that’s not the case. He turned out well and a lot of people are playing him. For those who lobbied for Frank to be left out of the MvC franchise, what are your thoughts on the new Frank? Do you still feel the spot would be better used by another character? Do you take back your previous complaints? Let’s hear it.

I never really hated Frank, but when he was first announced for UMvC3 I wasn’t too interested. I loved his TvC version, but “OH MY GOSH” got a bit stale after a while.

After seeing his trailer, though, I can say that my expectations for the guy were exceeded.

Any remaining hate is probably because of the paddlesaws/chainsaws.

Frank sucked in TvC due to the system mechanics in that game. It lent itself more to working against him than for him. If you managed to get a combo, most of the time people would burst out of it.

His best combos required long extensions, and just opening people up was a task in itself. To add, even his special moves had too much startup time to be useful in the middle of battle. That’s how bad it was, and it’s understandable why people didn’t want Frank in. He definitely needed a revamp to be practical.

Considering Capcom’s reputation of taking horrible characters and then buffing them, it’s not a surprise that Frank is as good as he is now.

Frank, in terms of character, was incredible underrated. After Off the Record and UMvC3 is incredible how many people now love him, and I’m one of those people.

Frank is a funny, common and interesting character (In Dead Rising 1 and Case West, because Off the Record is good, but not so deep to the character) that have a peculiar look because he is the only real human in the game. Come on, Chris is like a gay dream (no offense).

I never played TvC, but Frank is one of the most original characters (In gameplay and style) in a long of a Capcom Game. Don’t forget that Dead Rising, to me at least, is the last big franchise of Capcom.