FrankDaDank presents: Tournament Wars Season 1 Rules and Team sign ups ONLY!


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How would the scheduling work out?


Please direct questions and good shit posts to the other thread. I’d like this one to be team sign ups only.


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I’m pretty sure the team style you mentioned isn’t pokemon style Frank. Pokemon style is what they used at Evo for the 5v5 regional. Where if you win, you’re basically put at the end of the line for your team and it cycles like that until a team is completely beaten. There are a couple different ways of doing this as far as team format goes.

Traditional team tournament style
team 123 vs team 456
1 v 4 (1 wins)
1 v 5 (1 wins)
1 v 6 (1 wins)
team 123 wins

Pokemon style
team 123 vs team 456
1 v 4 (1 wins)
2 v 5 (2 wins)
3 v 6 (6 wins)
1 v 6 (6 wins)
2 v 6 (2 wins)
team 123 wins

I guess it really depends on what people prefer.

EDIT-I think I just noticed that Mikado style team tournaments are just a smaller version of Pokemon team tournaments. Gross.


How are the matches going to be played? Online or will you be organizing meetups to play?

edit: heh, sorry for clogging the thread, but just think it should be put in the OP. :o


^lol, not online. No way, no how.

Nah dude, we did it as the winner stayed, whoever lost could send out someone else “I choose you, Scrubydan!” happened after I won one, and scrubydan sat there and scraped the rest of the team. I always considered that style pokemon style because… well, that’s how it works in pokemon.


Then WTF kinda team tournament format did they use at Evo? Cause I think that’s tight. Except, the team orders were predetermined.


totem pole style?


Just want to say that what Mandel, and Frank have explained as ‘Pokemon’ style, isn’t how they do it in pokemon :frowning: In pokemon you have a team with a starter, and every time one of your guys is knocked out you get to pick whichever ‘live’ guy will replace him in the match area ;-;. Frank’s style sounds like totem pole style, I’m not familiar with evo’s 5 on 5.

EDIT: wtf, i didn’t see the couple posts above mine some how T_T

EDIT: Thanks for explainin totem style mickey. Never seen anyone use that one before, kind of interesting.


Correct…Pokemon style is like Cvs2 format:

Fight to the death…and no pokemon’ change if you kill opponent (Hence the OCV affect)…Totem Pole style gets no OCV’s as the team goes in “Totem pole” style where they go down the team line win or lose (In this strategy this is where putting your best player first is a “good” idea since he’s most likely able to beat the opponent’s first player, WHILE remaining an anchor if the rest of his team gets peaced out…)

I’m glad that the term “Pokemon style” is being used…I explain tournament style through “Pokemon style” back in the day HELLA!

EDIT: Vagrant last…what you talkin about? I remember playing against the elite 4 and they NEVER changed poke’mon when they beat my Gyrrados up…It’s a fight to the death while the winner stays…EVERY time.


I said the dead team gets to pick :S sorry if I wrote it in a confusing way. Basically just agreeing with Elias.


Signup for TEAM Real Ass Niggaz/TEAM Wolfpac:

Jeff Phetsomphou - S.E.Asian Viper
Kriangkrai Buapetch - Thai Vega
Shawn Schmenger - the Sagat from Thailand

alt. name for my team: Team Weird fuckin last names/Team Dope Last names


Team Anal Punishment

Jacob Manalang
Joshua Taton
Patrick Fernandez


I think Eman’s free man, but I already teamed up with Francis and Drew.

Signing up our team right now!

Team Name: Stretch Armstrong

El Capitano: Francis “Awesome Jones” Acacio
El Member1: Drew “H.Duke” Gamble
El Member2: Jared “jalapNo” Schultz

Frank, I would say set it up per a week-by-week thread (Thread Title: Sept.1st-Sept.8th League Matches Scheduling Thread), or I can talk to one of my contacts within the CS community and get us set-up with a Match scheduling system like say CAL, CEVO, ESEA, TWL had. Let me know what you would like to see.


Team Dope Last Names and yes it will be


haha as for team leader Frank you can pick our team leader haha you already know who i’ll be ghrrk


GL with this, Frank! Everything looks sound. (^_-)b