Frankdadank's tron bonne general strats and stuff



okay here is some tron stuff of mine that i would like to share also other ppl share your stuff too…


okay some important things that you need to do with tron while on the offensive

*super jump (or normal jump) then imediately air dash, this sets up for really good cross ups and mix ups for cross ups use her FP since it hits on both sides or do her lk if you are trying to keep the pressure on them if either of these hit then it sets up for her basic combo into lunch rush (lp, lp, super)

*if you can manage to throw your opponent into the corner and want to OTG do her standing lk (the shovel) they cannot roll outta that (trust me i tested it out in the training roomand when i did it on someone they haven’t escaped unless i fuked up) so off of the first hit of the shovel either do her corner semi-infinite (the one with the air grab) or lunch rush…

her is a list of her normals that you can sj cancel outta:

standing mp (the mini drill i guess you would call it)
standing mk (the flame)
standing lk (off of the first hit this one is hella good but its harder to do than the rest)
standing fk (try to sj shortly after she has the rock completely over her head)
crouching fk (if you’re fast enough you can sj air dash then j. short to OTG to more mixups)
well that’s all for now if you already know this stuff then your bomb if you have something different then please post it up


how do you do the infinite?

how do you do the corner infinite of Tron Bonne…? in one by one process so i can do it more effectively plsss…


HTF do people immediately pop off the screen safely when the attacker (me) cancels a blocked drill into the King Kobun? I saw it done a couple times last tournament where I hadn’t seen people escape out of it before, and I’m curious what the secret is.


Timing. There’s a small lag you can take advantage of. It’s not really safe to do it unless you have an assist locking down that lag.

King Kobun should ONLY be done on assists or against QCF+P captured opponents that are too high off the ground to be lunch rushed.



since Tron should not be played on point unless she has a good ground covering assist that’s hard to get rid of (Drones,Typhoons,Rocks, etc…) then you shouldn’t be playing her on point that much. She loses a lot of her game w/o being able to safely drill and do massive chip to the opponent.

King Kobun should rarely be used, and I only suggest it if you manage to catch an opposing assist in Drill w/ Drones following immediately to cover the lag KK has when forming. It does alright chip, but NOT worth wasting a super for, you can do just as much by waiting a half second, delaying w/ normals (subject to pushblocking though - if you can, use, s/ until you can call sent again and then drill. It’s a trap if they don’t pushblock.

If they do pushblock or you expect it, use a HP Kobun Shot if you’re midscreen and a LP Kobun Shot if you’re in the corner, Drones coming in will cover the front and Kobun Shot will cover the top. It’s pretty effective lockdown and can whittle away at an opponents health before they CAHVB your ass, just be safe.

If you do manage to lock someone down, don’t stick with it. Try a mix-up game. Tron’s sj xx ad lk is great and if you sj xx ad (delayed) HP it can cross up the opponent. If you connect, immediately hit HK, land and lp mp xx LunchRush, good for 1/2 life vs most characters.

Tron needs to keep moving to be effective. She’s too easily trapped and locked down because of her lack of range. If played correctly, she can be a bitch though, just need to work her effectively.


Whoops, posted under wrong username.

Oh yea, one last thing, if you manage to cross up w/ sj xx ad hp, don’t cancel into HK, it will whiff!!!

If you connect a hit in the air w/ anything other than HP, HK or a drill, try bringing them to the ground w/ a delayed (hitstun is kinda long on mp) mp, mk, immediate hp, land, immediately call sent (otg should reset FS) xx LR. Good for a cool half life combo, plus off juggles/otg’s, Sent drones is the only assist i believe that links into lunchrush. The final drone has enough hitstun to cover the lag between servbots and the drones. W/ no assist (maybe typhoons works) they will recover 1/2 way thru bots and take some chip damage which is all cool, but not worth it when you could’ve done 3x as much with a connected one and linking it with a damaging drone.



how do you do the infinite?

well the throw one i do like this…

launch lp lk lp lk pause then grab standing lk as an OTG d. HP sj lp lk for 2 hits lp then grab repeat…but by that time you might as well do standing lk XX lunch rush. but be carefull cause it does get pretty predictable so ppl will either try to hit you out of it or tech the throw in the air

yeah after the “ching” ppl can super jump outta it but i think if they try to push block the drill then they can not jump outta KK


whoops wrong name that is me that just posted my fault


its not about the best team’s that you use its the player behind it. It depends how he or she play’s the character’s and how she play it just a basic thing 2 do it depends if its ur lucky day for you or a bad day we cant say that your really good there’s always a weak spot on you people make mistake’s so nobody is perfect…:cool: … but what i really do hate is when somebody use’s cable and he or she just playing suck (HIT and RUN0 tactics men that pain in the neck i hate those dirt bags!!!:mad: :mad: :mad: all scardy cat’s playing hit and run tactics for cable you guys have no improvements on your game just playing that way!! (CABLE---->>>:lame: )


True it is lame, but it works…

And a good way to solve that is to use Mags/Tron, you’ll take cable out in a matter of seconds. Tron takes care of Capcom, just be sure to superjump and make sure he can’t DHC to hail when you’re attacking the AHVB’ing Cable (he’ll likely be AHVB’ing tron after she does ridiculous damage to Commando’s assist). The superjump gets you around AHVB and lets you go into infinte -> reset/unmashable. Mags/Tron can take out Cable/Capcom no problem really…


sorry i post that in that’s suppost 2 be in threads i kinnda post-it wrong eheheh well i agree abt wht you said but i there any other way’s how 2 take out player’s that are chicken they just insult you by the way they played hit and run because im they kind of guy that fight fight fight and show wat you got!!! heheheheh:cool: is there any other way because im being useless if my opponent keep running away from me and every tym i get close 2 him i always run up with dr.doom stone strom!! how 2 get a player like that…?:frowning:


So what should you be doing if you’re on the run? Or should just remain on the offensive?


either way you do offence or defence becuz cable is the offence when you go far and dr.doom on defence when you go near at him so ur deal abt a hard defence here people u cant just rush it out i cant find a hole on that playing style mixing it with hit and run tactic’s!:mad: :mad: :bluu: :mad: :bluu:


how do u put the picture below ur name on your left screen… how did u do it i cant find it where kindly help people…?:frowning:


vs. Cable if you’re on the run, let him sj.hp xx grenade, just try to start zoning him w/ drones before he lands…, drones, kobun shot, raygun (if needed to stall him and it’s safe to throw out), tk drill to get in on him (do it so you’re just above his head and cancel into FP, it’ll catch a lot of people if you time the drill right so it’s hard to block)

but basically you just wanna keep yourself safe and sentinel/storm (assuming you’re using drones/typhoons) by always ending a trap/lockdown session w/ a delayed so they can’t punish your assist and tron recovers after it…

tron works well w/ this strat vs. just about everyone but cable, rushdown chars can’t get in cuz of rocks/drones/kobun shots/rayguns (be a little random, small holes are safe if you’re random cuz they don’t know what’s next - find a few safe pattersn and mix them up, the holes are where they will sj and try to ad in on you, just switch sides under them while calling drones and hope for a connected drones so you can dash in xx LR)

most characters can’t punsih. storm can w/ hail, just try and cover and opportunity she has to hail w/ a rock, if you throw it as soon as she starts moving back, it will tag her foot before hail starts.

mags can’t do anything but DHC cancel (watch out for this in XXXX/Storm or XXX/Sent or XXX/Cable teams, CAHVB framekill Hail and HSF can be hurtful)

just try to be as random yet safe as possible when zoning.

if they’re running away, you’re down there still building meter, and keeping the 45’s busy w/ kobun shot’s so they won’t be falling in on you anytime soon…

like i said tho, just be random but safe, find some patterns and mix them up…


Damn it! I thought I was the only one that knew Tron’s corner semi-infinite… I was going to post this up x_X

**I found something really cool [well I hope I did… and it’s not in some fawking combo video] with Tron. Please don’t flame me if it’s been heard/seen. Thanks.

Tron with opponent in corner: dash in, c.lp, c.hp, sj.lp, [let it hit for a bit],, hold foward+hp for the throw, land, c.hp, sj.lp, [let it hit for a bit],, hold forward for the throw, OTG c.hp XX Lunch Rush.

This was done on cable on level 2 damage. This also kills off Doom. It does good damage against Sentinel too. I’m trying to see if I can throw Rogue in their somehow… not sure if she could help since Tron’s throw is reseting the damage. I think it would be wise to just do it once. So do the combo once then…

Tron: [OTG] c.lp,, Call Rogue, Rogue hits, dash behind Rogue, Stun Laser XX Lunch Rush or Aircombo if you don’t have/want to waste a super. OR You can Tag in [I think you can tag in safely after the Stun Laser. Gotta check on that] **

Bah but whatever… well anyways I want to know if it’s better to do the weak Drill or the strong drill? Against a blocking opponent. And wouldn’t just doing c.hp be better than her standing lk for the corner semi-infinite.

Also if you land Cyke’s AAA, you can throw the Stun laser [don’t know what it’s called] for a free hit. Of course it’s in an awkard position but hey it’s something right?

Oh and the drill is simply the best for some bootleg Tron Runaway. Super jumping,, sj. lk drill, airdash, It works pretty well when your trying to run away from Capcom or Blackheart’s AAAs. Plus has really good priority so you don’t have to worry much about attacks from underneath. Just make sure that you drop some sort of ground covering assist if your facing storm so she won’t Hail your ass down.


sorry man it is kind of an oldie but goodie =] i was going to put in a combo video like a year and a half ago but my ties with went to shit…

if you want to be super bomb though just link the lunch rush off of the throw and not the OTG (there have been a couple of times in tourney play where i threw them in the corner and went for the OTG but they teched the throw on the ground >_< which resulted in me losing :mad: :mad: :mad: but if you grab THEN do the super the only chance of escape is to tech the throw WHEN they get grabbed not on the ground)


What I call the Tron/Rogue Special…

How many people play Tron with Rogue…Mostly everyone? Good, check out this combo I came up with with the infamous crew.

With Rogue’s aaa assist… lp., lp., call rogue, qcf lp. (oponet gets caut in the lil’ circle), launch them, lp., lk., lp., lk. air throw, when on the ground drill rush them. If you are in the corner after the drill rush, (9 times out of 10 you will be the combo takes you quite a distance accross the screen) you can do her lunch rush supper to do massive damage. or if your not in corner after Trons supper QUICKLY dch into Rogue’s supper.

:wink: Better thanThat Corner Semi Infinite…

How many people play Tron with Sabbertooth…Nobody, anybody, ahh he does? You’re in for a treat. With Sabbertooth and (optional) Rogue’s anti air assist…with Tron lp,lp call Rogue or Saber’s expansion assist catch them with qcf p. move (lp. for rogue, a well timed fp. for Saber),launch, do combo to air throw, right after throw call Sabers assist (the one where he travels across the screen), then do a qcf lp., dash up to launch and repeat.

In questions or input feel free to respond…



More questions for FrankDaDank:
1 - You’ve got mad air dashing with TBonne. I can get maybe two per jump (and must admit that I tend to do the Drill instead just because I’m more comfortable with that). What’s the secret to the 5 dash super jump you had going on Saturday? That was fun to watch. And what’s the strategic advantage? Is it just harder for the other guy to run away from you that way?

2 - Who else does TBonne rock with? So far beyond the big 4+TBonne, I’ve seen Morrigan/TBonne, Rogue/TBonne, x/Sam/TBonne, Jill/TBonne, and Bone Wolvie/TBonne, and almost all of them have been damned good teams.

3 - Since you’ve seen more TBonne than me — do TBonne-assisted teams 0wn MSP for free, or am I just gettin’ lucky by playing against scrubby MSP teams?

4 - Who kills TBonne-based teams? A good timed Cable/Doom has been giving me headaches… who else to watch out for?


well i agree with |^| cause with players that has beat like cable and assisted with dr.doom Tbonne can catch up with those guy’s me 2 has having headache’s with those guys any ideas’s…??:cool: