A woman sets fire to house while trying to reanimate long-dead sister. The horrific story happened in Ekaterinburg, the biggest city in the Urals.
A year ago, instead of reporting the death of her sister, the woman preserved the body with gasoline and had been trying the reanimate it ever since.
Her last macabre experiment on Tuesday night involved ?jump starting? the mummified corpse with two wires connecting the body?s hand and neck to the mains.
Despite what Frankenstein movies suggest, the electric current did not revive the body, instead setting it on fire.

Mummy fried - woman sets fire to house while trying to reanimate long-dead sister — RT

Ahhahahahahahah. WTF are people thinking these days.


2011 is scaring me already.

You see, this is the kind of news that I’d like to see on tv more. These are real people with real issues. Everybody wants to know what’s up with the Tuscon shooting guy. He wasn’t crazy, he was a man on a mission. He doesn’t need to go to court. Execute him, or throw him in jail for the rest of his life.

This lady here. She need some serious help. I wonder if she knows that there is no way that her home is capable of generating enough power to reanimate a dead body. She would need a vehicle host, at least a doze tesla coils and a thunderstorm. She should have chosen alchemy for this job. It’s a little messier, but you don’t have to deal with all that unfocused electricity.

That shit is creepy as fuck…


More news like this! Also…

Just saying, if she did succeed and revive her dead sister (Impossible, but play along with me)…how would she breathe? Her lungs would be filled with gasoline.

Reading the title of this topic made me think it was title to a Tv Show.
To my surprise when reading the first post… WTF?!

Necromancy is a dying art.

You’d have to siphon it into your car. Duh.


Would be cool if it worked.

Undead don’t breathe, so her sister would be “perfectly” fine.