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we need C Royd to introduce Japan to this


loses to wake up block


you’ve clearly never played online


You could always option select parry/block


Option Select parry forward stomp charge finish with tiger knee motion to down back k + p


Two things being overlooked here.

  1. Not every 3S match gets recorded and uploaded for westerners to watch, and there was even less available pre-Youtube.

  2. The most famous Ryu players back then were Namijin and Ruu, who still seldom use denjin after its ‘popularization’ because that super isn’t their stylistic preference.

I was gonna say you’d have to ask a long-time Japanese player to really know the impact Frankie3S had, but I see ryan covered that. I will say that I definitely found Frankie3S match vids to be pretty inspirational when I was starting out though!


What Japanese players was that again? And what were the individual opinions shared, please?


Nothing against you Ryan but that sounds pretty vague. Who did you ask? Could he not just be trolling (or have a negative attitude towards gaijin players / gaijin 3s)? I don’t have a side in this argument of who “invented” denjin ruy, just putting it out there that your message was hella vague.


I remember hearing about the dreaded frankie denjin and how he would use the fireball to force a red parry and scoffing. I then played frankie and double parried the denjin into full denjin parry but then still lost. It was glorious. I’m sure I beat him a few times eventually.


Well I asked and that was what I was told. I don’t really care enough to keep asking about the subject to other people so i said ok and posted the answer.


ah, how insightful


frank was a regular at family fun until it closed.

Great player and an even greater guy. Always let me watch him play and beast it up. Cheers you motherfucker


The idea that Frankie popularized Denjin in Japan probably isn’t too far off. I’m sure they knew how the super worked, but I was at SBO 2003 and all the Ryu players were using SA1 or 2. Vanao did improve that style but he didn’t start getting good until a few years later.


For more on this

listen to the Ask Dr Sub-Zero broadcast, episode 06 part 2 (2007)*, starring Vic Vance
*(41:03 - Question: “I heard Frankie3S OCVed a team at SBO…”)

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HYPE ending!
“LET’S GO!” - MutantXP


Frankie3s with the walk-off swag.
“I’m fucking NICEEeeee!”


I can’t believe people are arguing about whether or not Japanese players knew about Denjin 10 years ago. Have you guys heard about the Nagoyan vids? It came out in 1991.

Besides the obvious comprehension of the footsie game, look at what else they already knew about:

They knew about stuff like CPS1 chains a while the rest of the world was still learning how to perform a DP. (BTW, search the forums and newsgroups, back then US players thought they were the ones who discovered it in HF).

To think that players in a country with a video game culture as strong as Japan’s didn’t know how to use Denjin is just silly.


I don’t think anyone honestly thinks it was some mystery. Just that it was a very unpopular choice.
It’s retarded to think they didn’t use denjin at all lol.

Whether or not the success of one person affected things overseas, no one can know about that really.
Could have been multiple times removed hearsay that piques someones interest enough to spend some more time using SA3.
Helping to elevate it from very unpopular to just unpopular.


I heard from a Japanese player that although Frankie wasn’t the first denjin player, he was the first to really show the “just do it” style with denjin.

So, it wasn’t like he introduced denjin, but he introduced the crazy guess parry into knockdown into denjin style.

I’ll admit that is pretty cool! On the other hand, kuni and vanao now take this style to the extreme. It is not fun to fight crazy denjin guys.


And who is that NY? player who also uses the handle “Frankie3s”? Wtf is that? lol…feels like when I sign up for a site and “pyrolee” is already taken…