Fraps doesn't work in SFV, any suggestions?

You need a subscription for xsplit, msi afterburner doesn’t seem to work for me, Obs Studio looks like crap. I just f’n want Fraps to work full screen in SFV. It’s a lossless format that plays nice with Sony Vegas without any hassle.

Does anyone have any alternate suggestions to fraps, preferably one that records in AVI format.

Or a solution to the fraps issue.


do you use a amd card?

If you’re fine with a watermark, you can use XSplit’s GameCaster for free.

I assume that Bandicam doesn’t work, either? It’s practically the same as Fraps.

No, no. Just no.

Fuck every option that was just given to you (except maybe dxtory, they may have gotten their shit together), they’re garbage.

Go get OBS Studio.

Is your recording just a black screen?

If you don’t mind a watermark, an unregistered install of Wirecast should work.

Edit - and I’ve never messed with OBS but I’ve always wanted to. Seems great.

No, hitting the record button just results in nothing happening, it doesn’t even generate a file unless I’m windowed with monitor aero desktop. With monitor on I can record the game windowed fine, but I can’t really utilize that for making videos without it looking like bleh by cropping stuff.

I tried OBS Studio, when I recorded on it the video quality of the dropped a TON, like a bazillion artifacts and looked like 480p or something. It also didn’t play nice with @Xeolleth’s frame trapped tool causing the hitboxes to flash in and out a ton. Lastly, I’m hoping for a format that works well with Sony Vegas. That is why I wanted fraps, it records in lossless AVI and has no watermark for making content on youtube and such. I could live with the watermark but it’s kind of a mar on my stuff.

This is weird… because Fraps record just fine on my end. Does the FPS counter show up? Does it turn red when hitting the key to record? Did you try setting it to a different key? Which version of windows you are using (I’m using 8.1 atm)?

Like some have mentioned, go with OBS. I’ve tried dxtory and fraps and I couldn’t get it to work. I’ll help you out with OBS, so it doesn’t look like 480p. It won’t be as clear as dxtory or Fraps, but it’ll suffice.

This screen is to direct where your file is going to be saved.

I’m using Windows 7 so that might be it. I’m avoiding upgrading. I tried windows 8 and didn’t care for it and I definitely don’t want windows 10. No FPS counter shows up in the game, works in every other game though I don’t think I have any other Unreal 4 games. I tried about 4 different keys. F5, F10, F11, and 0. None worked :confused:

I’ll give it a try. Someone else suggested xsplit and nvidia shadowplay. Does xsplit require a subscription just to record or only for broadcasting?

I’m not entirely sure. I haven’t used xsplit in a long time.

Odd that you mentioned OBS Studio as being poor quality, I thought recording with it was generally considered one of the very best options we have currently. Low FPS performance cost while recording and minimal quality loss from my experience, I’d definitely recommend having another look at it and going through the config in detail, something must be off there.

Xsplit can be used for free, I used it before I switched to afterburner.

Heard good things about shadowplay as well.

Could be because I was running Frame Trapped when I tried, I dunno. It looked awful to me though. I’ll try again and post a video if I can. Either way I still wish I could simply get an AVI even if it was huge and hardware intensive, my computer should be able to handle it.

You can record with either Xsplit product it for free. Gamecaster (which is the one that allows you to record without having to alt-tab out to another window) does put a watermark on on higher resolutions (1080p and above). Broadcaster (which is the shit we use for streaming tournaments) does not but limits you to 30fps.

Shadowplay worked perfect. High quality, 60fps, allows 20minute recordings, no watermark, file is mp4 that vegas seems to open fine (I’ve had trouble before with files I’ve converted to mp4)

Yeah shadowplay is the best as it uses a hardware encoder. No slowdown.