Freaknik: The Thread

Anyone else catch this? And wasn’t there already a thread? I tried searching but couldn’t find it.

‘You ain’t got to close yo eyes this ain’t a dream bitch.’

T-Pain ftw.

I was hoping to catch it on adult swim’s website, but it hasn’t been posted up yet. =/

My nephew just told me about this shit. I’ma catch it when it comes on at 3:30.

God…why isn’t Charlie Murphy more famous?

And Cee-Lo playing a white guy who is a black supremacist is blowing my mind.

I’m surprised this thread wasn’t here a week ago.

Sadly though I did not see it.

Lol, Lil Wayne, the god mc, was basically a… god.

This shit was off the chain. At this point I just want the Uncut DVD.


Man I thought this was the real Freaknik :rofl: Cartoon? I’ll pass lol.

it’s in the book.

Lil’ Wayne, Lil’ Jon, Charlie Murphy and the flows of Rick Ross were too nice. The moon shooting down the sun is just too much.:rofl:

this was on some coon shit…come on now people.

My name ain’t dawg…nigga…Its Trap Jesus.

Saw the trailer, looks might boring.

95% of the mc’s featured have laughable lyrical ability but it was pretty funny and the beats were sick.

“What are you fiiiiiiiiiiine bitches up to tonight?”

Women ladies.

that bag that said “ish” ftw.