Freddie Wong

OMG this guy is some good stuff.

YouTube - freddiew’s Channel

He’s got a lot of shorts and a lot of behind the scenes. I’ve been cracking up at work dying of laughter!

Some of it is just BAD ASS.


yea his vids are pretty awesome. I like the one with the portal gun

This guy is fucking awesome…subscribed to him.

He is awesome. Been subbed to him for a while, his vids are always entertaining and original.

one of the best always keep me entertained

Epic VFX Time
YouTube - Epic VFX Time

the guy from epid meal time and freddie team up for a vid.


Mr. Toots

the force is with you, a**hole.[media=youtube]k2H-SOqbQoA[/media]

One Shot ft. Eliza Dushku

That’s crazy that they got Ms. Dushku in this

Cereal Killer

The Crying PC Gamer

the Chrono Trigger short is cool.

Mr Toots is hilarious! XD

this guy is epic is epic

ah freddie one of youtubes best in the action department right next to sam & niko

the girl in Cereal Killer is pretty.

Man Vs. Katamari


that’s funny. I’m going to forward this to a bunch of friends!

Medal of Honor Cat

that’s some cat PWNage.

Big Blue Ball Machine

not action heavy but still cool