Freddie's club this sunday!

5pm. first 20 ppl or so get in. we’re starting small and seeing where it goes. show up for some sf4 and good times. the first round of pitchers is on me! its on a ps3, by the way and we have multiple arcade sticks. see you there.

do you have a modded xbox and the bootleg copy of super? thats whats hot on the streets right now

Yeah I don’t see much motivation for just vanilla these days. That’s so 2009.

also, tournament wars is on saturdays. granted your tourney starts 2 hours before TW usually starts, but you might want to consider a different day of the week for holding these tournaments in the future.

maybe saturdays later. we’ll see how this one goes.

it’s koo just go ahead and have it b/c not everyone can go to TW anways… and i hope u got all the charatcers unlocked…

I’m working that day. Which is sad because my girl is a poker monster, and I’m sure she would be down to go play a poker tourney while I played in the tourney. Best of luck and I hope you have a good turnout.

Did anyone stop by and check this out??if so how’d it go…