FREE 6 months Premium for Best Stick Art: Read First Page! (Winners Announced!)

1st Place: KidZero winning 6 months of premium
2nd Place: .dub. Winning (another) month of premium.
3rd Place: GuMz winning (another) month of premium
4th Place: DanD winning a month of premium

Congratulations to all the winners. You will receive your premium as soon as I can get it.

Amazing entries everyone.
It was really hard to decide a winner. =

Again, congrats to the winners and AMAZING job to everyone that entered their artwork.


I made it, in the same style I used for Sunoco, since hes not using it, I thought you may like it. Also I did this because I read your story, and its kewl how you passed on happiness to your brother, so I feel for ya, so I made the pokemon theme one, as I think this one most likely connects both of you someway, also I use an ethereal theme, and color choice, anyhow, hopefully you will get more entries to have choices. Otherwise hope you like it, later ;). Gary got a little pixilated due to size, anyhow hopefully this is decent ;).

My first attempt at making stick art :sweat: Hope it’s not too bad

Like what I see so far! Expected more, but it’s only day two, so, keep at it. :slight_smile:

6 months premium is on the line so get to makin!


Sorry to hear about your brother and friend.
I can make one, but what is this premium thing :sweat:


PM sent btw about your question.

Also, the 6 months will be payed AFTER Finkle (my stick maker) receives (as in views it) the art work.



Adding some things to the competition.

Namely cause I can and I want people to really try at this, you know?

Any ways.

Adding 2nd and 3rd place Prize Support and that would be: a month of free premium as well.

Happy art making.


I am gonna try to make something this weekend if I have time.


Can’t wait. :slight_smile:

Also, I might add some new images. Just for a more open demographic for styles. And just, if people (for some reason) don’t think those characters work.

I’ll probably add back Cody (Alpha 3), Sora (KH) and MAYBE one more character. I don’t know. We’ll see.


:bluu: @ Sasmasta’ randomly deleting his post.

Ah well.
He said he was going to participate, maybe he just went to tweak it a bit or start from scratch…iunno. Either was, Sas. Looking forward to the art. :tup:

Updated first post via new pic.

Update more tomorrow.

13 days left.


I am game ! :tup:


Can’t wait to see your work and g’luck!


Rough Draft:

I’m glad you’re participating, DanD. I was going to send “personal” invitations to this tomorrow, you were on that list but you beat me to it. :sweat:

Either way, glad to see you want to participate.
I REALLY like that rough draft (SUPER CUTE! :tup:!)

  • brownie points for using pic I really like w/ pink heart assist. Excellent!

Keep up the good work and g’luck :tup:

update: putting up names of the participants (thus far) and post links to their stick art.
Will update regularly.

Also, sending out “invitations” to this competition as well.
But who they are, I won’t say cause that’d spoil the fun.

Again, g’luck to everyone that enters and remember: multiple entries are ENCOURAGED be creative and be fun!


You Already know this…but I’m working on a few know, and So is the girlfriend.


Glad you came out!

Can’t wait to see your work man! :tup:


You’re lucky I didn’t feel like doing Home Work tonight! :arazz::wgrin:

^ :rofl:

Any ways.

Updating first post with list of participants and links to their work so you can get ideas/better your current work/whatever

Might add some more images as well.

G’luck everyone!


Edit: You beat me to it so my post with the ARROW pointing upwards saying “I’LL LET YOU COPY! WE CAN FAIL TOGETHER!” was made irrelevant.

StuartHayden: Sorry about that. Your pretty quick because right when I posted it, I took it down as fast as I could. I mispelled a name plus I didn’t care for the overall feel of it. It was ‘everywhere and nowhere.’ But I’m working on a new one for you. This one should come out better. If not, it’ll at least stay posted for a whole minute this time around! :tup:

Alright man.
No worries.
Take your time and have fun with it!
Can’t wait to see it! :tup:


Edit: Have names of (current) participants and status of their artwork, via link or “art work in progress”

Will add more characters/Images tomorrow. (Or tonight if I get too bored…insomnia is kicking my ass)