FREE 6 months Premium for Best Stick Art: Read First Page! (Winners Announced!)

Wont have time to do a new one so here are a couple of variations

updated lists of participants and linked to their art work (if available)

uploading more characters/pictures later today

Good luck!


uploaded some Roll and Mega-Man pictures.

Group and singles.


uploading new pics right now.

Added Yuri, Athena, Hsien-Ko pics.

Might add Protoman and Bass if I can find decent pictures of them.


I’ll do an Iori one. . . .

Can’t wait!
And g’luck!


Due to schedule/money clashes that might happen, I might have to make the dead like the 10th.
I don’t exactly know yet.
I’m going to wait out the rest of the week, I should know for sure by Monday.
But as of now, the deadline for entries is still October 17th

Good luck! :tup:


i had time for once

if you cant notice what i did i changed sakura’z outfit to gray and i put

TLR on sakura’z shoulder


smh on kyos sleeve

and of course the other obvious stuff

Very nice, GuMz! :tup:

I digz it.



Due to Money/Schedule stuff outside of my control (random bills SUCK) I WILL be having to make the dead line the 10th. So…next Wednesday.

SORRY! :pray:

So if you want a chance to get that one month (2nd and 3rd place) or 6 months (1st place)

Get those art works in ASAP!

Again, super sorry about this.


Double update:
All entries must be in by 12pm (your time) on Wednesday.

Premium will be given out at the end of that week/monday of next week. (hopefully :sweat:)

If you are a winner and have prem already you can take the prem, or pass it on to someone else. It doesn’t matter to me.

Winner(s) will be announced Thursday morning.

Good luck guys!


5 days left!

Get those entries in guys!


I added in the buttons to show that IMO this would look nicest with yellow buttons :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Probably add a bit to this one.

Got one more up my sleeve I think.

And i thought B@W looked pretty good:




Just a reminder to people;

Judging starts Wednesday at 12:01 PM. So get your entries in before then!
Also, winner(s) will be announced sometime Thursday (probably in the morning before I go to work)
Premium will be given out HOPEFULLY by that Saturday.

About Premium: If you have premium already and you are a selected winner, PLEASE specify what you want me to do with your premium.
Options: 1) Pass Up on it Completely 2) Give it to another user 3) Take the premium.
I need to know ASAP after I announce the winners.

Best of luck to everyone! Get in those entries if you got them! :tup: glares at Sasmasta :rofl:



Sorry SH, I’m still working on it. It looks so bland its horrible. I’m trying out different stuff though but its still going to follow my signature style…my SIMPLE style! :tup: I’ll tell you what, by tonight [12am or so if I decide to stay home, which I’m leaning towards] I’ll put up a ‘sample.’ But it’s not going to be the complete project.

PS: By sample, you can expect to see button holes, a character and a blinding white background. LoL. You’ve been…forewarned!

And I know 12am ain’t late for you. We’re midnight SRK’ers afterall!

No worries. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any entry is better than none! Remember the deadline is 12pm next wednesday!


Here’s my SAMPLER. It’s really basic…but the only thing I’m digging so far is the name templates. But even then, nothing is set in stone. I might start all over again! Just showing you that I am attempting. :tup:

EDIT: Do not count this as my entry please.

I like, I like!
If that’s just rough draft can’t wait to see the real thing!