FREE arcade cabinet

Moving soon and I’ve got my hands full enough with transporting the antique Corvette to my new home in Jacksonville Florida, so the cab has got to go. Local pickup only, cannot ship. Also included is a 19 inch tv that you could use for the screen and the original electronics from inside the cab, which I can’t see you needing other than to say you have some old time circuits. Here are a few pics. Could make a good nostalgic arcade for someone on here.

Inside cab:

Located in Mobile, Alabama which kind of makes this thread feel pointless as there’s NOBODY in Mobile besides me from srk. Figured I’d offer my SRK brethren the first chance to snatch it up before I post this on an arcade forum I know. If nobody claims it, then she’s gonna participate in an threesome with RPD rookie and Mr. Sledgehammer! :smile:

Does the Cat come with the Cab??? i want that Kitty. :wgrin:, no seriously, too bad that i dont live around your area.

i have a friend in mobile, i’m in dothan hmmm…

The kittah is not for sale, she goes where I go. :smile:

If your friend has a trailer or something to haul it out of here then you’re in luck. :smile:

Blast. I used to live in north east Louisiana and would have made the trip. Now with gas and me living in the northwest corner… bleh again.

Bump for freeness.

Thanks! Actually, there’s a warehouse in this area packed with old arcade cabs. The guy is practically giving them away as he let me have this one for $45. Was a good deal but then the move to Florida came up (which I’m very happy about), so I have to eat the loss.

jamal that cab… 45$? why? lol

hope ur TV gets a nice home.

let me call my friend he has a truck…

Well, it’s a very sturdy cab, you’d be hard pressed to find one built as solid as this one. 45 seemed like a good deal vs. building my own from scratch.

Alright, you’re first in line. Let me know when he can/if he can pick it up asap. I have to leave out of town for work on Monday but I should be back on Thursday. I’ll check from time to time on the hotel computer to see what’s happening if it takes that long to confirm a pickup.

If things fall through, post up or let me know so I can let other interested viewers know it’s still up for grabs.:smile:

What place has all the cabs? I live in Pensacola and have a truck so that part is easy for me. Do you have any idea of what the inventory looks like?

Yeah and it has a coin mech, those aren’t “Free” either.

Wow, your cat looks almost the same as mine. xD

It’s a warehouse here in Mobile. The only reason I discovered it is because I’m such a Corvette fanboy whore. The guy had his ZR-1 Corvette parked outside the warehouse and after shooting the breeze about Vettes for a while I went inside and saw a vast amount (100-200) of dust covered arcade cabs.

Pac Man, Ms Pac Man, Centipede, Galaga, all the oldies and MANY I had never heard of just sitting there rotting and he also had a couple of modern ones. He even had the hardware/software for the original Killer Instinct arcade game just collecting dust never opened up. If anyone wants the Killer Instinct installation software, he more than likely still has it sitting in the warehouse doing nothing but taking up space.

Like I said, I’ve got to leave out of town til about thursday and when I get back I’ll go see if he’s around. He’ll more than likely be happy to get some of those cabs out of his warehouse as he says he’s tired of seeing them sitting around. He won’t be giving them away for free though, however the prices should be reasonable, like the the one I got for less than 50 bucks. You can expect to find a good cab that he’ll never work on that he wants out of there, you hollow out the old guts and turn it into whatever you want. Hit up for the fresh arcade parts to go into your cab and you’re set.:smile:

The cab I have was originally a game called “Showdown”. What you don’t see in the pictures is that the cab when I first brought it home had all the circuit boards, the giant swiveling metal gun sitting on top that you played with and an old tube. The old tube had weird connections on back that only worked with the “Showdown” circuit board or the 80’s tech boards. Anyway, he told me the problems to fix to get Showdown running again but I didn’t care I would rather convert it to a fighter. He even told me I could sell the old giant metal gun on ebay for at least 50 bucks but I was lazy. I just unbolted the gun and gave it back to him along with the old circuit boards.

When I get in touch with him, I’ll bring along the digital camera and snap shots of the machines.

pm sent

cab has alot of potential

His cat looks EXACTLY like mine, holy shit. Same color eyes and all.

I want that cab, but a drive to bama just for that and to go to that warehouse aint worth it with gas prices nowadays :frowning:


Djfunkshun’s friend who was going to pick this thing up is MIA. Cab is still sitting in my room and still FREE. Come get it before I go bonus stage on its ass.

If you do bonus stage it…I want pics or a vid. My father in-law used to be in Mobile…not anymore unfortunately. Admittedly, I’m more interested in this arcade riddled warehouse you speak of.

Glad to see interest in the machines I found. The plan was to take pictures today of all of them but the guy had to step out so I’m going down there tomorrow around 7:30 am. Hate to get up that early but at least it won’t be hot then.

I’ll let the old cab in my room hang around until the last possible minute but its days are numbered if no one on here takes it at some time.

Still in my room…and still for free.

oh boy. better not let the klov guys know that you gutted an exidy cab. they’ll hunt you down and burn you at the stake.