FREE ARCADE GAMES! Shawnanigans Arcade May 11th Sacramento CA

Come join us and play free games ALL NIGHT! To many games to list here but ill try. Please send a friend request to which is the even/arcade page.

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme ( or whatever I feel Like :slight_smile:

Pump It Up Fiesta EX or Pro

Dance Maniax 2nd Mix Append

ParaParaParadise 1st Mix Plus

Samba De Amigo V2000

Beatmania III The Final

Beatmania The Final

Drummania V8

Guitarfreaks V6

Crackin DJ Part 2

Percussion Master

Noir HD Fight Cab Blazblue or?

Vewlix Style fight Cab Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

Upright Cab Running your choice of (Marvel Vs Capcom 3) (3rd Strike) or Tekken X Street Fighter.