Free avs anyone? (akuma and boondocks)


Sorry I’m still not doing request… with out internet (used pics already on my pc) and with finals coming up… thats just somethin I can’t handle.

but anyway, If anyone wants one of these, post up b4 using them.

ps. These arent just avs that I dont want… I put alot of work into them just like my other work. So if u want it, please wear for atleast 2 weeks.


dude, first six words


Akumas mine


go for it:tup:


already put in my photobucket account


im gonna just put ribu in it if thats ok.


you mind if i use it for another site? i’m still under the two week contract with lalo for this one


I’ll take the Boondocks av, thanks!



sorry i didnt respond in time, but if wanna use it for another site, just make sure its ok with the person usin it at this site I guess.


kutgw nas