Free blue-green Juggy avatar... '_'

Free blue-green Juggernaut avatar… ‘_’

I just learned how to do sprite edits, and I recently learned about grunge brushes and such, so I’m messin’ around. Maybe I could take requests some time. :karate:

If you want a tweak like putting your name in it or somethin’, lemme know.

Those are really great for just learning the grunge tool.

Too bad I don’t use Jugg, otherwise I’d be on that like a hobo on a ham sandwhich

omg…no plz dont start grunge. -.-

grunge = fucking noob ass.

try making your own style, if you can create a grunge brush by yourslef, then thats fine use it…but dont dl’d brushes like all the other noob’s…and click a few times add a few color balance layers with text and think its good.

Ahem. :rolleyes:

Thanks SG. :party:

Well first off, it’s not like it would make a difference if the brushes were mine. Not to mention there’s nothing original I can come up with or anything, it’s not like PS is new. And lastly, you didn’t make your own sig and look at the background. :rolleyes:

It’s not like everything I do is going to have an overload of grunge brushes, I’m just learning how to use 'em. Calm down. :stuck_out_tongue: