Free Bomberman MMO game


Found through Gaf<br><br><br><br><br>It’s fun and free and I figured SRK would get a kick out of this as well.  <br>


Clicking play but it’s not doing anything.<br>


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<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href="/profile/6625/Shinkuu%20Tatsumaki">Shinkuu Tatsumaki</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>Clicking play but it’s not doing anything.<br></div>

That will happen and I’ve had it happen to me several times where I clicked play and nothing happens…I’m assuming it has to do with them ironing out the bugs in the beta but it does work if you keep trying every few moments.<br>


It’s awesome!<br>


anyone else have problems trying to play this. I have not been able to play yet. It will just not load under play. <div>It will load up the how to play pages and all that jazz but will not load the play page.</div>


It’s fun  because I just randomly run around and jump into ppl’s shit.     SUICIDE BOMB YO ASS!!!<br>


Had to use Google Chrome. That’s all


Maybe it is my computer but I found it almost unplayable with Firefox and with Chrome still a bit of a chore. It sort of skips like a CD so I press the key to move and nothing happens until seconds later. I’ve failed to escape and walked into explosion ranges about 3 times due to that and another 2 times I’d just suddenly die without even seeing what killed me (one time I was walking toward a power up and some how got the respawn screen). <br><br>Two other attempts at play I’d just given up. According to their servers list, it is popular and I’d love to be able to play some new Bomberman but this ain’t working. Damn shame the original company got bought out and its remaining staff forced to make cell phone games. <br>


Played it yesterday game was hella fun…Only bugs was that sometimes it would reset my kill count…Imagine having a dragonforce type team mode…Like 64 vs 64, damn that would be sweet!


got 8th place in the only full game i played. <div>Am I the only one that thinks it is cool that when you are paused you are inside a lodge.</div><div><br></div><div>Please dont let this game get a cease and desist, I needed some bomberman and this is too much fun.</div>


This game is awesome. Thanks for telling about it @Sonichuman. <br><br>I’m running around as TenOnez.<br>


<p>I just saw nyan cat flying around the map dropping like 25 bombs a second. Some really good power-ups showing up there.</p>


Yeah this game is really fun.  Toward the end of the round, pac-man type things start eating the map up leaving space.  Then near the VERY end of the round, everyone will turn into Nyan cat which drop bombs randomly and can fly in space.<br>